Options Trading Basics for Beginners

The following is a sponsored blog post: This article covers some basic stuff related to options traders. What are your choices when you are long or short an option? You have three choices: sell it (if you are long) or cover it if short, exercise it if long, or allow it to expire worthless. And that’s true whether you own … Read more

Recent Stock Purchase November 2016

Well, the unexpected happened, and I’m not talking about the U.S. election results. I’m talking about the wrong, wrong, wrong headlines “predicting” a market meltdown should Donald Trump be elected president. Sure, all the pollsters have egg on their faces as their crystal balls all failed them at predicting a Hillary win and the “educated … Read more

November 2016 Stock Considerations

As we near the home stretch of 2016 it seems like Mr. Market wants to give us some better buying opportunities compared to the recent months that have passed. Looking back at the summer doldrums, the market, so far in fall, has been ‘exciting.’ The increased volatility we have been witnessing in the health sector, … Read more