Recent Stock Purchase January 2024

With February already underway and the markets on a nice uptrend, I decided to add to some of my lagging existing positions. I couldn’t resist these juicy yields, as a result of stock price declines, and decided to deploy a larger amount of cash this month when compared to my last quarter buys. My preferred method has always been to dollar cost average into stocks. I nibble here and there every month no matter the market conditions. Sometimes my dollars buy me quite a few shares, other times the same amount buys me less. Either way, I am building up my positions and slowly increasing my passive income stream. With that being said here are my buys for January:

01/10/2024VZVERIZON COMMUNICATN5.1262-$200.00
01/10/2024MOALTRIA GROUP INC4.8655-$200.00
01/10/2024UGIU G I CORP4-$97.84
01/11/2024UGIU G I CORP4-$95.55
01/11/2024VZVERIZON COMMUNICATN5.2049-$200.00
01/22/2024LEGLEGGETT & PLATT INC4-$91.80
01/22/2024PFEPFIZER INC7.0705-$200.00
01/22/2024MOALTRIA GROUP INC4.9664-$200.00

As you can see, I stuck to my January 2024 stock considerations list again with an additional small buy in Leggett & Platt, Incorporated (LEG) and Pfizer Inc. (PFE). In all, almost $1,300 of fresh capital has been deployed in January as I set out to beat my 2023 annual dividend income. What have you been buying in January? Please let me know below.

Disclosure: Long VZ, MO, UGI, LEG, PFE

5 thoughts on “Recent Stock Purchase January 2024”

    • Hi Passivecanadianincome,

      I don’t know if it’s a good strategy or not long term but I tend to chase my losers instead of winners. Whenever one of my holdings falls out of favor I tend to add to that position. Usually it works out but every now and then you follow a loser way down. In the meantime, MO, PFE and UGI still look good to me this month. VZ came back nicely towards the end of ’23. Keep on investing.

  1. Sup Keith, surprised by the PFIZER add. Right now covid vaccines are taking a hit with the public and lawsuits. Also, now that covid is calming down I wonder how their stock will do. Then again, I saw your comment and you said you chase your losers lol You are doing alright so I guess you are onto something.

    VZ has been very good towards the end of 2023. I am hoping they continue this trend into 2024.
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    • Hi RB,

      PFE came down a lot in 2023 and still has a pretty robust drug pipeline despite Covid related treatments. It is a traditionally solid drug company that is a bit weak presently which is why I decided to nibble a bit. VZ had a crap 2023 and has come back quite nicely in recent weeks. As you know, I prefer to buy when my positions fall out of favor.

      • You are correct with that. Their other products will keep them strong and I have a feeling they will bounce back with another miracle drug. I know weight loss has been a hot topic the last few months so maybe a new weight loss drug in the coming year or next. Ozempic right now is a hot one, even with its current troubles. It might be tough to top
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