March 2016 Stock Considerations

I can hardly believe that two months of 2016 are already in the books and that I’m already looking towards my potential March buys. The first two months of year have definitely been roller coaster rides as we saw oil prices spike considerably, the health REITs get demolished and other dividend stalwarts stage nice returns … Read more

Risks And Benefits Of Investing In Foreign Currency

The following is a sponsored blog post: By listening to the term ‘investing in foreign currency’ you might feel an exotic and risky venture. In fact some years before, this way of investment was the domination of banks and large financial institutions but recently the scenario has changed. Today online brokers have changed the scenario … Read more

Medical Devices Make For A Healthy Portfolio

As dividend growth investors, we seek, to the best of our ability, long term sustainable growth in sectors and industries that we perceive to have strong tailwinds for the foreseeable future. One such sector that’s often touted as being extremely resilient with a lot of room for future growth is the health sector. We’ve all … Read more

The Dividend Discount Model Still Going Strong

The following is a guest blog post: Whenever there is a market turmoil, investors turn to value investing. Value investing allows the choice of undervalued stocks, which actually trade for less than their intrinsic value. In fact, what value investing seeks for is the stocks of companies that the market estimates they have a potential … Read more

Understanding Millennials in 2016 and their Financial Habits

The following post is courtesy of Tina Roth, a personal finance blogger at Her finance blog covers advices and tips on investment, insurance, budget, personal finance and many more topic for leading a frugal life.   The millennials are 19-34 years of age. They are the target audiences for most digital marketing campaigns. Enlightened … Read more

Recent Stock Purchase February 2016

2016 is moving right along with triple digit moves in the DOW occurring almost every day. In a word, volatility is here to stay. Of course, as any long time dividend growth investor already knows, volatility tends to equate to opportunity. Opportunity to initiate new positions at better prices, value and yields and opportunities to … Read more