Road Trip Conclusion

Back home, after logging about 2,500 miles over the last four weeks or so and it was great. This was a much needed family time road trip that had its share of ups and downs, but mostly ups. Of course, a large part of our trip was making sure baby DivHut was enjoying the ride … Read more

Global Economic Trends Shaping Investment Decisions Today

This post may contain affiliate links: In the current inter-linked global financial system, you cannot invest in isolation without considering the economic developments at the global arena. Returns on your investment are not only determined by economic factors within your local market, but also by their interactions with trends in the international markets. In that … Read more

August 2016 Stock Considerations

With a new month upon us, it is time once again, to chart a road map of potential stock buys for August. While these posts are informal suggestions I make for myself, I tend to follow my stock considerations quite closely. The way I see it, I have already done my homework when deciding where … Read more