December Stock Considerations

As we head into the home stretch of 2014 a great opportunity is seemingly handed to us for the month of December. That opportunity comes in the form of continued weakness in the oil and materials sector as depressed commodity prices have given rise to a sea of great dividend income opportunities for those willing … Read more December Stock Considerations

Recent Stock Purchase II – November 2014

As the stock market continues to make new highs with each passing week some of our stalwart core portfolio positions begin to get overlooked as we seek out new relative bargains in the market. It’s no surprise that energy and material stocks have been very popular among the dividend growth bloggers as of late since … Read more Recent Stock Purchase II – November 2014

Recent Stock Purchase – November 2014

With the stock market on a tear, closing up five straight weeks in a row, many dividend bloggers have begun to echo the sentiment about finding relative bargains again. To be certain, despite these fantastic runs we have experienced in the Dow and S&P, there are still a lot of high quality names in the … Read more Recent Stock Purchase – November 2014

Seasonal Stock Market Investing

With decades upon decades of data to sift through, many stock market pundits will have you believe that markets can be bought and sold according to seasonal effects. Of course, as dividend growth investors we are more concerned with investing in the market at all times rather than trying to time the market. With the … Read more Seasonal Stock Market Investing

Rent A Cop Dividend Stocks

Investing In Security Services Dividend Stocks   A few weeks ago I wrote an article titled, “Open Fire On These Dividend Stocks,” and discussed the notion of investing in dividend paying companies in the firearms and ammo sector. Expanding on this concept of personal safety and security I want to highlight several other dividend paying … Read more Rent A Cop Dividend Stocks

Is It Wise To Buy Stock After A Catastrophic Event?

Catching a Falling Knife – Buying Stock When Everyone Else Is Selling   Traditionally, the thinking is that dividend growth investing is a relatively safe endeavor as we proudly invest, most of the time, in mature companies that have a long track record of rising revenues and rising dividends. But even the safest investments can … Read more Is It Wise To Buy Stock After A Catastrophic Event?