August 2015 Stock Considerations

With the month of July winding down it’s time, once again, to look forward towards the next month and decide which dividend stocks deserve my fresh capital. Looking back at the month of July my buys were more measured compared to my eight June buys. I knew that I could not keep that fervent buy … Read more August 2015 Stock Considerations

Recent Stock Purchase II – July 2015

As July marches on and uncertainty in the markets reign, all I can think about is where to deploy my fresh capital all the while ignoring the market headlines which always seem to result in knee jerk reactions in stock prices. It seems that every week or two a new crisis dominates the headlines. We … Read more Recent Stock Purchase II – July 2015

Dividend Income Update – June 2015

With half the year officially under our collective belts a clearer picture of our full year of dividend income comes into view. June, of course, is a favorite month among dividend investors as end of quarter months usually signify higher than average passive income. I’m curious to see how the next quarter of dividends totals … Read more Dividend Income Update – June 2015