Some great blogs and web sites I follow:

All About The Dividends

Beer Money Dividends

Chickenwizard’s DivBlog


Dividend Diplomats

Dividends Diversify


Dividend Growth Investor

Dividend Growth Stocks

Dividend Hawk

Dividend Income Stocks

Dividend Mantra

Dividend Ninja

Dividend Pig

Dividend Portfolio

Dividend Power

Dividend Stocks

Dividend SWAN


Dividend Yield


European Dividend Growth Investor

FI Fighter

Financial Independence

Freedom Thirty Five

From cent$ to retirement

Frugal Fortunes

Get Rich Brothers

Hello Suckers

Investing Pursuits

Investing Spotlight

Magic Pants


MoneyWatch 101

Mr. Money Mustache

My Dividend Pipeline

My Financial Shape

My Road to Wealth and Freedom

Passive Canadian Income

Passive Income Pursuit

Retire Before Dad

Simply Safe Dividends




Two Investing

Wallet Squirrel


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162 thoughts on “Blogroll”

    • Thank you for stopping by. DivHut is just a product of all those amazing and inspiring finance blogs out there, yours included, that got me thinking how I want to share and chronicle my investing/passive income trek. I can honestly say that I am very surprised at the level of comments and support I got in just less than 3 weeks since I actually launched the site. Still working on WordPress and figuring it out but so far seems to be working. Thanks for the tweet shout out too!

  1. Hey there – I think we were talking the other day on my site about you adding me to your blog roll, and I had told you that I was getting ready to launch a new site and I’d let you know when it was all set up. Well, here I am!

    I will also add you to my blog roll. I love your site, and love dividend investing!

  2. Hi DivHut,
    as promised I am back… My English version of the site is now ready (ok, let`s say it`s in beta stadium…). I would like to ask you to list my site in your blogroll. I have done the same with yours on my site.
    By the way: I liked your new article about the “century club” very much. It opened my eyes to put the Canadian market to my stock radar… till now it was nearly “dark”…
    Thanks and have a good week

    • Hi RickRack,

      Thank you for creating an English version of your site. I look forward to your articles and dividend income updates. I have also added your site to the DivHut blogroll.

      I’m glad you liked the century club articles. I hope you have a chance to read both the American and Canadian articles. Like you, I was in the dark about some of these great Canadain bank stocks. They are definitely something to consider. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Your site has encouraged me to add a few more dividend stocks to my portfolio. Keep up the good work.

    If you get a chance please add my site to your blogroll. (


    • Hi LI,

      I’m happy to provide some encouragement via my blog and portfolio. For my money, I only invest in dividend paying stocks. I know I might be missing out on the high flier growth tech names such as TWTR, FB, TSLA and the like but I prefer to grow my income slow and steady. By the way, I added your blog to the DivHut blogroll. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Hi DS,

      My pleasure. I’m happy to be a part of the FI community. I think it’s amazing that we are so open about our debt, investments, net worth etc. The transparency of our community makes each of us stronger.

    • Thank you for the compliment. I really appreciate it. It will be my pleasure to add your site to the DivHut blogroll. Keep investing in those dividend stocks!

  4. You leave a comment in my blog, maybe this is the start of our friendship. Anyway, can you please include my blog in your blog roll using the anchor text as “online stock trading”.

    Let me know if you are done, so that I will also include in my blog roll.

    • Hi César,

      You have a nice looking investment blog. Do you plan to post in English at some point in the future or keep it 100% Spanish? I’m happy you have found DivHut and hope it can provide you some investing insight and inspiration. By the way I had an awesome time in Ibiza! Thanks for stopping by.

    • Hi FI,

      Sure thing. I always love finding new blogs and reading about the progress other people are making in terms of FI and overall dividend income. Thank you for your suggestion.

  5. Hi DH,

    REITs always enjoy a place in a dividend investor’s portfolio. I would like to suggest my site as it is a news hub for Canada’s real estate investment trusts. Investors will also love the dynamic stocks list where they can filter Canadian REIT Stocks by price, yield and performance.


    • Hi RR,

      Thank you for stopping by and suggesting REIT Report. It looks like it can offer a lot of value to anyone who uses the site. I’d be happy to include it on our blogroll.

    • Hi NTPNW,

      Thank you for your kind words. I hope that my blog and others you see can provide you with the inspiration to invest in your future. Thank you for stopping by.

    • Hi divorcedff,

      With pleasure. I always love to add various financial and dividend-centric blogs that exist. Thank you for the suggestion.

    • Hi LB,

      Of course… it would be my pleasure to add your site to the DivHut blog roll. You have a nice following and I would like to explore opportunities for us to exchange ideas on one another’s blog.

    • Hi LB,

      That sounds lovely. You can make it a personal post and talk about your own dividend stock experiences/investments. People really seem to like following other real world portfolios and their progress.

  6. Hey DIvHut!

    We’re new to the DGI community and would love a blogroll. We’re just starting out (18 years old) and it might be interesting to see the beginnings of a DGI portfolio. I’ve already blogrolled you

    Good Luck!

    • Hi TD,

      Welcome to the world of dividend growth investing. Starting in your teens is an awesome way to get your snowball rolling and start earning and growing a passive income stream. It’ll be my pleasure to add your site to the DivHut blogroll. Thank you for adding my blog to yours.

  7. Hi DivHut, we’ve really enjoyed reading your posts on dividend income.
    We started a site as well on dividend investing and wanted to let you know about it, hopefully we can earn a spot on your blogroll if you think it would be useful to your readers.
    Thanks, Kemp

    • Hi Kemp,

      With pleasure. Always love adding dividend related sites to my list. My last post just mentioned dividend aristocrats. I think it’s a very important list to look at when considering a potential investment.

  8. Hi DivHut!

    You have assembled a list of awesome resources. I discovered a few new gems in here – thank you!

    Is there any chance you would have room for one more blog resource? Here is my blog, which I usually add content to 3-5 times per week:

    Keep up your great work! I recently bought some KMB as well.

    Brian Bollinger recently posted…Emerson Electric (EMR): A Dividend King With 60 Consecutive Years of Dividend IncreasesMy Profile

    • Hi BB,

      I’m glad that you found my list useful and found some new sites yourself. There is always room for another financial resource on DivHut and I am happy to add your blog. Happy to be a fellow KMB shareholder as well 🙂

    • Hi TI,

      Your blog definitely deserves a spot on this list. I’m more than happy to add you. Thank you for letting me know.

  9. Hey DivHut!

    I’d definitely love to be on this list after all the comments we left on each others blogs the last couple of years. I don’t have a blogroll yet, but adding you to my upcoming post on Thursday of my favorite blogs to follow!

    Keep up the awesome Dividend Reports!
    Wallet Squirrel recently posted…Income Report – March, 2017My Profile

    • Hi Stockles,

      Yes, of course. Thank you for reaching out and suggesting your site. I am happy to add another financial blog to my list.

  10. Hi,

    I really like your site and your posts.

    While scrolling through your blogroll to see if there were any new sites, I discovered that my site isn’t listed. ;-(
    I’ll appreciate being added to your blog roll.
    If you have visite my blog yet, I like to invite you to go to:

    Together we can help spread financial wisdom to everybody.
    And of course; every back link helps!

    Keep those divi’s rolling in!



  11. Hello Keith,
    I have been following your blog for a year now and is a major source of inspiration. It would be great if you could add my blog to your blogroll. I already have your’s in my reading list.

  12. Hi DivHut
    I would appreciate it very much if you added me to your impressive list.

    My blog is in English and iam from a dividend investor from Sweden.

    Greetings Swedendivin.

    Ps i will of course add your blog to my blogroll 🙂

  13. Hi divhut,
    Your portfolios are quite awesome. I’m making my way up there; just started investing late last year. Started a blog as well: Please check it out if you have the time, and include me in your blogroll if you like it. I’m still adding more content/pages, and a blogroll is something on my to do list.

    Keep the content coming,


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