Top 10 Traits Of Popular Investments

When compared to the beginning of 2016, gold is up about 17% since the start of January to $1276/oz at the close of US trading Tuesday November 8. This graphic from a gold IRA and precious metals resource lists different factors for gold as they relate to currencies with Bitcoin and USD listed on there as well.

Gold lost its 1300-range support at the start of October, the lowest level since Brexit, after the European Central Bank announced that it was going to lessen its quantitative easing program by decreasing bond purchases. It briefly broke into this range again November 3-4 after trading back in the 1260s-1280s so far this week.



4 thoughts on “Top 10 Traits Of Popular Investments”

    • Hi DD,

      I wouldn’t call myself a gold bug but I do appreciate the value in holding some portion of my assets in precious metals. I realize it’s an asset that just sits there and does not produce anything, yet, there is some intangible feeling you get when holding gold or silver that somehow conveys the feeling of security and the knowledge that for all of human history it always carried some value, unlike fiat currency, stocks, bonds or other paper assets that have gone to zero. Thank you for the comment.

    • Hi ME,

      I am a long term dividend growth investor primarily but as I mentioned above, I do hold some physical gold and silver bullion. I know all the negative comments about “investing” in these commodities but it never hurts to own some of your overall portfolio in precious metals. After all, I’d rather own gold than not. Thank you for commenting.


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