I’m always on the lookout for new income investing ideas whether from MLP’s, REITS, closed end funds or plain old dividend stocks. Below you will find my list of stocks that are on my radar but not yet in any of my portfolios. This list will change from time to time as stocks will fall in and out of favor.

Updated January 12, 2024
MKCMcCormick & Company, Incorporated
ORIOld Republic International Corporation
TRVThe Travelers Companies, Inc.
RSGRepublic Services, Inc.
WMWaste Management, Inc.
CSCOCisco Systems, Inc.

25 thoughts on “Watchlist”

  1. KMI is on my near term list. I will be getting the 2.2 shares of KMI for each share of KMP when the transition occurs. I was not expecting such a thing to happen, but what can I do. I plan on adding to the KMI shares once the deal goes through.

    Keep cranking,

    Robert the DividendDreamer

    • Hi DD,

      I think many were caught by surprise regarding the “Kinder Morgan shuffle.” On the surface it does make some sense to combine all their assets/companies into one entity but, like you, I know many are not happy. What can you do? Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I update my watch list every now and then as new names interest me. For now I am quite content with my holdings and not really looking to add any new positions for some time. Of course, Mr. Market may give me an opportunity too good to pass up.

    • Hi R2R,

      I definitely will not be adding all these names to my portfolio unless I sell many positions. The watch list is simply my way of zeroing in on my next one or two new holdings after careful consideration. I have already added TD, BNS, RY and UL from my watch list in recent months and as you mention it is my intention to refresh the list as I see fit adding or removing names as was the case today when I removed K from the list. Thanks for question.

  2. I bought some BP when I was at 36. If it continue to go down some more, probably the next earnings and company statements on future earning and dividend. Will load up some more for a solid dividend.
    I also have some other stock on your list on my radar.

    • Hi Vivianne,

      I have quite a few energy names on my watch list but none in my portfolio. I guess I’m hesitant to pull the trigger on any of those names as they all seem to be continuing to slide. I’d rather not catch a falling knife and miss the bottom and buy on the upside instead. Thanks for sharing your BP purchase with us.

  3. Hello DivHut,

    It is a great list but, What about Spectra Energy Co.?. I think it is a very good share at this moment and a big investment schedule for the next 5 years.

    Greets from Sevila!

    • Hi CC,

      No doubt SE looks like a compelling stock with a great current yield but it does look a bit expensive based on current valuations. I haven’t really looked into this name in depth but I appreciate you mentioning it to me for further investigation. As you can see from my portfolio I do not have any energy plays but do have some on my watch list. Thank you for stopping by and commenting from beautiful Seville.

    • Hi dividendgeek,

      Quite frankly, I’m not too concerned about rising interest rates on MLPs or REITs. Almost all of them have traded for many years and experienced a higher interest environment. HCP for example has been trading since the 1980s when interest rates were in the double digits. It’s all about adapting. I think they will all adjust accordingly and, if not, fail.

    • Hi DI,

      I’m considering PPL and QCOM going into May. If I do initiate a position in QCOM it will be modest to start and my very first tech stock in my portfolio. I’ll be watching both names closely. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Hei, do you have a set of rules to get the stock to your watch list? I have just started my journey to DGI but have faced same of how to determine when to buy a share, when the share is at the right price and so on. I know it have to past some time that settle down certain strategy, do you have any?
    P.S. I missed Lithuania at your list of countries that you have visited 🙂 you should definitely visit out magnificent country!

    • Hi gonorthbalance,

      In general, my watch list is more of a long term outlook for potential stocks I’d like to add to my portfolio. I don’t add new companies to my portfolio often. I look for solid long term dividend growers and when they reach a good price point (better valuation, higher yield, solid growth prospects) usually when they stumble in price I tend to buy. When I started my DGI journey I first looked at the dividend aristocrats and built my portfolio from there. My focus is passive growing dividend income and not necessarily capital appreciation. Lithuania is 100% on my list of countries to visit one day. I was in the “neighborhood” a few years ago as you noticed visiting Estonia and Latvia but did not have the time to continue further. One day I’ll get there I’m sure. I am not done with my travels.

    • Hi Bram,

      Not a bad buy at those prices. After years of being in the doldrums MSFT has come on very strong in the last decade especially with its strong Azure growth. Thank you for commenting.

  5. Hi Divhut,

    If I wasn’t already heavy in Glaxo (GSK) I’d likely be adding more too. Looks like the new CEO Emma Walmsley is splitting it and taking it in a new big-pharma direction instead of same old, same old consumer products like Witty was doing.

    It’s UK-based so will be undervalued due to overblown Brexit fear…we Brits love a bit of fear..

    Happy shopping!

    Dividend Nomad recently posted…Thailand : Is it really FIRE utopia?My Profile

    • Hi DN,

      Fear always has a way of putting stocks, or any asset really, for sale. Still, quite a few names I wouldn’t mind adding to my portfolio but I think I may need to do some house cleaning in 2019. I hold several stocks paying zero dividends from spin offs, etc. Might be time to shuttle those before I add a new holding.


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