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  1. What’s your reasoning on having two accounts? I get the tax advantages of the ROTH (and you essentially don’t touch this account until retirement age) and clearly you have more invested in your brokerage account (you can invest more in a regular brokerage account, more than the limits of the ROTH)…but is there something else to this strategy? Do you use the brokerage account for living expenses? Reinvest both of the accounts? Just trying to understand your thinking with the two accounts…thanks.

    • Hello NI,

      The reason I have two accounts is because I want to take any tax advantage I can get via the ROTH account while not being restricted to accessing my funds should I need them through my brokerage account. The reality is I don’t want to touch either of these accounts for many, many years but life can throw you a curve ball every now and then and knowing I can tap my brokerage account at any time is comforting. Also, there are no limits to brokerage account contributions while ROTH is capped at $5,500 a year. I definitely want to contribute more than $5,500 a year to my dividend growth stocks. The reason my ROTH is much smaller is because I started it in 2011 versus my brokerage account that was started in 2007. So you pretty much guessed the reasoning. I don’t touch either account for living expenses and I reinvest in both. Thanks for stopping by and hope I was some help.

  2. Hello, DivHut,

    This is great site and very knowledgable.
    Just curious that which brokerage you are using for all of your account?
    It looks like you can buy stocks with fractal shares.
    Thanks for your information first.

    • Hi Morpheus,

      Thank you for your kind words about my site. For everything reported here on DivHut I use Sharebuilder (now CapitalOne Financial). As you already saw, you can buy stock purely by dollar amount and not share quantity so fractional shares can be bought. Thank you for your question.


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