Drive Your Way Towards Dividends

Dividend Investing In The Retail Automobile Parts & Accessories Sector   In keeping with my themed dividend posts, in June I have focused on planes, and in August I ran posts on trains and today I’ll focus on automobiles.   These days the average age of a car on the road is at record highs. … Read more Drive Your Way Towards Dividends

All Aboard The Dividend Train Part 2

Investing In Railroad Dividend Stocks   A couple days ago I wrote an article highlighting the railcar industry and several dividend stocks worth considering in that sector. Many of the railcar stocks are experiencing back orders for their railcars as railroad lines look to upgrade and expand their aging fleet. The railcar dividend stocks such … Read more All Aboard The Dividend Train Part 2

All Aboard The Dividend Train Part 1

Investing In Railcar Dividend Stocks   The railroad and railcar industry has a long rich history in North America. Though often thought of as a legacy industry, they are still very important to the modern economy. In fact, the rail network and the trains that operate on that network are more efficient and cost effective … Read more All Aboard The Dividend Train Part 1

Foolish Dividend Investing

A while back I wrote a couple articles highlighting my very first dividend stock that I owned along with some scanned images of the very first stock trade I placed back in 1988 along with my first dividend check received for $5.00 also in 1988. You’ll see a trade for 100 shares of Homestake Mining … Read more Foolish Dividend Investing

August Dividend Increases

Invest in high quality dividend paying companies that can manage their cash flow and payout ratio and be rewarded with constant dividend increases. A dividend increase is something every dividend growth investor can get excited about. Who wouldn’t love earning a little more from an investment without having to add additional capital? Well, August, so … Read more August Dividend Increases

Planting Dividend Seeds With Timber REITs

As dividend investors we are always on the lookout for future dividend growth opportunities as well as current income via relative high yield. Timber REITs are investment vehicles that can offer a current relative high yield while also being defensive in nature against rising inflation as it is a commodity based investment. A timber REIT … Read more Planting Dividend Seeds With Timber REITs