February Stock Considerations

As another new month approaches I am reminded to, once again, look at my portfolio holdings and decide where to deploy my fresh capital for the month. Looking back at the month of January, I have seen additional declines in the large Canadian bank stocks. No doubt, this was in direct correlation to the continued … Read more February Stock Considerations

Dr. Copper – The Cure For Your Commodity Blues

Investing in Pure Play Dividend Paying Copper Stocks   Commodity prices are making headlines on a daily basis. With the constant chatter about deflation as oil prices continue to tumble as well as iron ore, hogs, wheat and copper to name a few, one must ask if we are sitting on one of the greatest … Read more Dr. Copper – The Cure For Your Commodity Blues

Dividend Income Update – December 2014

These are the posts every dividend growth investor loves to read and write about, the monthly dividend income report. And why not? It’s a chance for us to highlight our “earned” passive income for the previous month and measure our own dividend income growth.   December was a record month for my taxable and ROTH … Read more Dividend Income Update – December 2014

January Stock Considerations

A new year and a new month is upon us which is the perfect time to lay out potential stock investments for my dividend income portfolio. This month I am faced with the question of finally dipping my toe into the energy sector, as many dividend growth bloggers have been doing, or perhaps stick with … Read more January Stock Considerations