Dividend Income Update 2021

Time to post my 2021 total dividends received from three stock accounts. Total dividends from my brokerage account: $13,232.01 Total dividends from my Roth account: $703.44 Total dividends from my IRA account: $99.45 Grand total for 2021: $14,034.90 My overall portfolio values and financial mental values have really shifted over the course of last year. … Read more

Top Software Picks For Day Trading

The following is a sponsored post: Day trading is an alluring option for many investors. The potential to earn short-term profits and make a living executing trades from the comfort of your home is an exciting prospect. However, day trading is incredibly challenging to master.  Many beginners jump into day trading, hoping to make quick … Read more

Ways to Reduce Your Money Worries at College And Start Investing

The following is a sponsored post: The thought of money brings stress to everyone who isn’t good with finance- having a debt, not earning enough, how to manage monthly expenses, budgeting and so on. You can reduce your financial stress by planning and preparing well for your college. The good news is, you could control … Read more

Make Practical Investments For Your Home While Staying Frugal

The following is a guest post: Everyone should be allowed to make practical improvements to their home without being worried about blowing their monthly budget. To do this, it may take some leg work to ensure you’re purchasing quality items but at a discounted price. it’s important, as you do not want to forgo quality … Read more