Recent Stock Purchase II August 2017

With the general market all over the place in recent weeks, dropping and climbing seemingly on a whim, I am reminded, once again, that find the “perfect” time to invest is a fool’s game. Seeing the market behave in this manner simply reminds me to keep making my monthly buys, ignore the noise and predictions … Read more

Recent Stock Purchase August 2017

Well that didn’t take long. Just a few days into the month of August, I already made my first purchases. With the start of the new month we have seen a couple notable stocks plummeting in a single day highlighting the knee jerk reactions investors make when earnings or guidance does not paint a growing … Read more

Recent Stock Purchase II July 2017

With a couple free trades remaining in my account before they expire I felt compelled to put them to use and continue on my buying path for the month of July. As we have witnessed the markets continue to melt up, there have been some great single day buying opportunities in many well known dividend … Read more

Recent Stock Purchase July 2017

While I remain committed to making at least one purchase every month, it’s clear that my buying frequency has slowed down a bit. It seems that I’m making my buys about every four or five weeks rather than every week or two as I have done earlier this year. This fact just illustrates my continued … Read more

Recent Stock Purchase June 2017

It’s been almost a full month since my last recent stock purchase was made which just highlights my frustration in June for finding places to deploy my fresh capital. While the stock market continues to melt up seemingly every week taking many of my holdings up with it, finding good to decent value is becoming … Read more

Recent Stock Purchase III May 2017

It’s been a long time since I made three separate tranches of buys in one month but when individual opportunities come up for a variety reasons it can be too hard to pass up seemingly “good” deals especially in a market that hosts too many great stocks that are still overpriced. With that being said … Read more

Recent Stock Purchase II May 2017

Sometimes the market gives us better buying opportunities when we least expect it. Though the market in general has been trading at or near all time highs for some time, there are still dozens of great individual buys trading at much better levels when compared to just a few months ago. We all know the … Read more

Recent Stock Purchase May 2017

With the month of May well under way and not much happening in the markets as of late as we have been trading within a range for the last two months or so I felt compelled to look at my May stock considerations and make my first tranche of buys. After all, you already know … Read more

Recent Stock Purchase II April 2017

I usually end my ‘stock considerations’ posts the same way by saying that Mr. Market always has the last word and that sometimes stocks that I’m not considering in a particular month may suddenly become attractive once again because of a serious sell off (usually after poor earning reports and guidance).   While I added … Read more