Recent Stock Purchase November 2023

With November ending soon and the markets on an uptrend, I decided to add to some of my lagging existing positions. I couldn’t resist these juicy yields, as a result of stock price declines, and decided to deploy a small amount of cash this month. My preferred method has always been to dollar cost average into stocks. I nibble here and there every month no matter the market conditions. Sometimes my dollars buy me quite a few shares, other times the same amount buys me less. Either way, I am building up my positions and slowly increasing my passive income stream. With that being said here are my buys for November:

11/22/2023UGIU G I CORP3$21.745-$65.24
11/22/2023MOALTRIA GROUP INC3$41.1438-$123.43
11/03/2023MOALTRIA GROUP INC2.447$40.8663-$100.00

As you can see, I have been buying a lot more of the same. MO and UGI have been in the dumps in recent months and continues to offer a compelling yield at current prices. These recent buys allowed me to lower my average buy price while I wait patiently for that turnaround in those names. What have you been buying in November? Please let me know below.

Disclosure: Long MO, UGI

3 thoughts on “Recent Stock Purchase November 2023”

    • Hi RB,

      I have been liking MO for a couple months as price declines gave us yields close to 10%. Never considered WEN for my portfolio. In that space I have stuck with MCD and YUM exclusively. Sold my YUMC spin off when dividend growth was pretty much nonexistent though I have been looking at buying it again potentially. Not a fan of WEN’s high payout ratio. This might suggest low to no dividend growth for the future or even a cut though these days many corporations have a bigger bag of tricks to raise cash through debt to cover dividends (not good). My two cents.


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