Recent Stock Purchase October 2023

With October ending and the markets giving us better buying opportunities (down a lot), I decided to add to some of my existing positions. I couldn’t resist some juicy yields, as a result of stock price declines, and decided to deploy my usual small buys as I have done for a few months. Some of you have been unimpressed with my recent buys because I am deploying relatively small amounts of cash. That’s OK. This is how I invest. My preferred method has always been to dollar cost average into stocks. I nibble here and there every month no matter the market conditions. Sometimes my dollars buy me quite a few shares, other times the same amount buys me less. Either way, I am building up my positions and slowly increasing my passive income stream. With that being said here are my buys for October:

10/02/2023MOALTRIA GROUP INC-$124.44
10/02/2023UGIU G I CORP-$110.38
10/02/2023LEGLEGGETT & PLATT INC-$100.10
10/03/2023UGIU G I CORP-$107.68
10/03/2023MOALTRIA GROUP INC-$122.76

As you can see I stuck to my UGI and LEG and now MO. UGI and LEG have both been on my buy list for several months as they both continue to decline in 2023. MO has recently entered into the dumps too yielding close to 10%. A nibble there was certainly warranted. In all, about $560 of fresh capital has been added to my portfolio. These recent buys continue to put me on track towards beating my 2023 dividend income totals. I look forward to seeing what my total 2023 dividend income will be ending in the next couple of months.

What stocks ave you been buying in October? Please let me know below.

Disclosure: Long UGI, LEG, MO

4 thoughts on “Recent Stock Purchase October 2023”

    • Hi RB,

      Thanks for sharing your buys. Slowly, build up that passive income stream. MMM has been in a steady decline for a while now and could be a nice turnaround play in the coming years with lawsuits hopefully in the rear view.


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