Recent Stock Purchase September 2023

With September ending, and the markets still humming along relatively flat, I decided to add to some of my existing positions. I couldn’t resist these juicy yields, as a result of stock price declines, and decided to deploy another small batch of fresh capital this month. My preferred method has always been to dollar cost average into stocks. I nibble here and there every month no matter the market conditions. Sometimes my dollars buy me quite a few shares, other times the same amount buys me less. Either way, I am building up my positions and slowly increasing my passive income stream. With that being said here are my buys for September:

09/11/2023UGIU G I CORP$23.86-$119.30
09/19/2023MOALTRIA GROUP INC$43.11-$129.33

I know, big deal, I added $250 in fresh capital. Well, that’s all I could deploy this month. If you have been following along the last several months you know that I have been buying more of the same though this time I dipped my toe into a little more MO. UGI and MO are both beaten down so far in 2023 and look enticing to me over the long haul. If prices remain depressed I will continue to average down on my positions in these two stocks and others. Looking forward towards October other ‘accidental high yield’ stocks are coming into view as well. That’s all for now.

Disclosure: Long UGI, MO

8 thoughts on “Recent Stock Purchase September 2023”

    • Hi DP,

      That’s what I do. Big buys, small buys any buys really as long as I can continue to build up that passive income stream. I prefer to average down when I can and MO in recent weeks fit that category. Thanks for commenting.

  1. Thanks for the update. I wanted to add to MO as I have that in my portfolio but decided to add these instead as I wanted to increase my “safe” stock count a bit. I added these to my portfolio. AMCR, BEN, OCSL, KO, O. Next month I would like to add MMM to my list and from there probably add to my existing as you have. Again, thanks for the update.
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    • Hi RB,

      Thanks for sharing your picks. Those names you highlighted definitely fit that “safe” category. KO is one of those super boring yet consistent divided growers. MMM has taken it on the chin too after being a darling dividend stock for decades. The last couple of years has seen a dramatic shift down. Another severely beaten down name that was once held in high regard, VFC.

    • Hi passivecanadianincome,

      Yes indeed. I would like to make larger buys, especially in some of the names in my portfolio that are really beaten down but some of my “spare” cash goes elsewhere. I do not control a money printer.

    • Hi FI,

      Well said. I do realize that over time, even small amounts, can really add up which is why I continue to invest every month from low three digit amounts to 4 digit amounts. Whatever I can. Thanks for sharing that perspective. More people starting out in DGI need to realize the overall compounding effects of consistent investments.


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