Dividend Income Update 2021

Time to post my 2021 total dividends received from three stock accounts. Total dividends from my brokerage account: $13,232.01 Total dividends from my Roth account: $703.44 Total dividends from my IRA account: $99.45 Grand total for 2021: $14,034.90 My overall portfolio values and financial mental values have really shifted over the course of last year. … Read more

November 2020 Stock Considerations

With the start of a new trading month, it is time, once again for me to highlight some of my potential stock buys for November. First up, I’m thinking about buying more AT&T Inc. (T), especially if stock prices remain at $30 or below. I have been adding to my T nibbling for several months … Read more

October 2020 Stock Considerations

New month… new stock considerations. I can’t believe that October is already here… the final quarter of 2020. Seeing how fast time blows by simply reminds me to stay invested no matter how crazy the market seems to be. We have witnessed some pretty harsh declines this year only to be followed by strong rebounds … Read more

September 2020 Stock Considerations

After a very strong July and August it looks like panic is setting in as we start September with a nice swoon. No worries… as dividend growth investors we can’t focus on the near term as daily, weekly and monthly price fluctuations and sentiment is nearly impossible to gauge. All we can do is look … Read more