My First Stock & Dividend

  On April 20, 2014, (my first article on DivHut), I wrote a blog post titled, “My First Dividend Purchase.” I thought that it was important for me to share with you how I was introduced to dividends and subsequently got “turned on” to the idea of getting checks in the mail every three months … Read more My First Stock & Dividend

Cinco de Mayo Dividend Stocks

As many people celebrate Cinco de Mayo today I began thinking about some of the common items almost every Cinco de Mayo reveler partakes. Beer! Of course, beers and spirits are nothing new when it comes time to celebrate or have a party. Being that I see everything around me as a potential dividend stock … Read more Cinco de Mayo Dividend Stocks

Moo… Agribusiness Dividend Stocks

You know the old saying, “bet the farm” when placing a bet or perhaps some other investment? Well, betting the farm might be a pretty good idea when it comes to dividend investing. See, there are a lot of amazing agribusiness dividend stocks out there that pay great dividends from long term sustainable companies. When … Read more Moo… Agribusiness Dividend Stocks

My First Dividend Purchase

I guess you could say that I became a dividend investor without really understanding what that meant. I was about 16 years old, a sophomore in high school, when I became fascinated with the stock market. Back then, 1989, there was no Internet to speak of so all research had to be done at your … Read more My First Dividend Purchase