How To Use SMART Objectives To Meet Your Financial Goals

The following is a sponsored blog post:  Are you struggling to meet your financial goals like saving money or repairing your credit? If so, you may benefit from learning about SMART goal-setting objectives and how you can leverage them. SMART is actually an acronym that encompasses five important elements of goal setting. With this method, … Read more

5 Tips For First Time Budgeters

The following is a guest blog post: If you’re looking to take control of your finances, one of the best ways is to visualize where your money is going to, and coming from. Once you know where your money is all going to, you can then start to control your spending in specific areas, or … Read more

Why Unmarried Partners Should Never Co-Mingle Their Funds

The following is a sponsored blog post: Perhaps you and your long-term boyfriend have decided that you’re going to take the next step and live together. If so, congratulations and enjoy learning about one another on a much more personal level. On the other hand, unmarried partners really have to be careful when it comes … Read more