What Not To Do When You’re In Debt

The following is a sponsored blog post: There’s lots of advice floating around about what to do when you’re in debt—tighten your purse strings, pay down your debts in a certain order, try various relief strategies, etc. At the end of the day, there’s no one perfect way to handle debt. The most relevant advice … Read more

How a Budget Can Improve Your Life

The following is a sponsored blog post: Let’s be honest here; budgeting isn’t on anyone’s list of the top ten most exciting activities. Some even find creating a budget to be oppressing and suffocating. Is it? Are budgets designed only to confine you, or can they set you free, allowing you to live the life … Read more

5 Tips For Consolidating Credit Card Debt

The following is a sponsored blog post: Is there truly anyone out there who likes or needs the stress of managing multiple credit card payments? No, not likely. You risk missing or making a late payment, assuming you don’t have automated payments set up, and it’s really just not necessary. Imagine having one payment instead … Read more

Don’t Let Debt Kill Your Future

The following is a sponsored blog post: Most people have big plans for their futures—a list of things that may not be possible at this exact present moment, but that they hope will come true in time. The possibilities are endless: having children, going back to school, retiring, traveling the world, buying a home, moving … Read more

Effective Ways to Manage Overspending

The following is a sponsored blog post: Overspending is one of the biggest bugbears for any individual or business. When finances are not managed well, pervasive debt ensues. Financial advisors routinely face the question: How Do I Get Out of Debt? Simply put, getting out of debt requires doing everything in reverse. This contrarian perspective … Read more