Regret Is My Motivator

It is very easy for me to sum up the reason I choose to do anything in one word, “regret.” A short simple word that needs no defining yet powerful enough to get me to do practically anything. A little background might be in order now.   The year was 1998, I was about 24 … Read more

Roll The Dice On These Dividend Stocks

Looking At Casino And Gambling Related Dividend Stocks   Investing in sin stocks is nothing new and many have found great opportunities and profits pouring money into alcohol, tobacco and gambling stocks. In fact, casino and gambling related ventures are rapidly expanding beyond the Vegas strip and tribal lands into China’s growing gambling mecca, Macau … Read more

Recently Announced Dividend Raises

As dividend income investors we are constantly seeking reliable sources of passive income from profitable companies that share their revenues with shareholders. But most of us take it a step further than simply investing in dividend stocks. After all, what good is a dividend distribution if it is not sustainable and gets cut or worse … Read more