Some Tips About Dividend Investing

The following blog post was submitted by Anthony Prams of As clear as it sounds dividend investing consists in buying stocks from companies that pay dividend. This concept can be seen as a conservative strategy due to the thorough stock picking process that needs to be done in order to successfully beat our benchmark. … Read more

Financial Advice From the Old Testament

Among the many personal finance and dividend blogs that exist, the common theme of ‘financial discipline’ seems to dominate our writings. We often talk about having financial discipline when it comes to our savings rate. We speak of living below our means and not chasing after material objects. We speak of financial discipline with our … Read more

Reasons Your Business Should Accept Card Payments

The following is a guest blog post:   There are so many great reasons why your business should definitely start accepting credit card payments from clients and customers, especially if you have not already done so and you are still relying upon checks and cash from people. These solutions can be inconvenient both to you … Read more