Frugal Spending Tips for Midwife Students

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Frugal living, or in other words economic living. As a student, it is essential that you budget. You don’t want to get halfway through the year, realize you have no money left, and now have to go and beg at the bank of mom and dad. Frugal spending is even more important for midwife students, as they are extremely busy with lectures, placements and exams. So, there is very little time to shop. When getting home after a long day you may want to just pick up a quick and easy ready meal or order take out; but this is seriously expensive. So, with these four frugal spending tips you’ll be a certified nurse midwife without a large debt hanging over your head.

Go Meat-Free

Go meat free, once or twice a week. Not only will it have huge health benefits for you, but it will also benefit your wallet. Meat these days is extremely expensive, so make a couple of meals a week, without meat; instead add more vegetables. Vegetables are a hell of a lot cheaper than meat and are also a lot more versatile. Take potatoes for example, you can bake, mash, roast and boil them! Try making a veggie spaghetti Bolognese too; take the beef out and add some peppers, carrots and zucchini. As a midwife student, you know all too well about a good diet and its benefits so add this in and you’ll be good to go!


Instead of taking out another loan to buy all your expensive midwifery textbooks, try digital or used books. By buying digital or used books you’re also not contributing to the production of more paper circulating the country, and it will be a lot cheaper as the production costs are lower for a digital book. If you purchase a used book you will be able to sell them back at the end of your course, and make your money back.

Set a Weekly Budget

Set a weekly budget for food, clothes and necessities. This is especially essential for first time college students; it’s likely your first time away from home and you don’t always realize how much you’re spending. With nursing and midwifery courses this isn’t always the case, sometimes you have so little time you chose the easy option such as ready meals and take out, which is not only unhealthy but expensive as well. If you set out a budget, you’ll be more likely to treat yourself when you do well on your next exam or nurse midwife placement.

Get Creative

Make your own clothes, and have a bake sale to make money! Get creative with your ideas, so being frugal with your money isn’t something that’s getting you down, but something you can enjoy. Set up a competition between your fellow student midwives and see who can come up with the most creative idea or who can make the most money, and whoever loses must complete a forfeit! Take a look at what these student midwives got up to!

Being smart with your money at college can be difficult, but with these tips you’ll never be searching for money down the back of the couch again!

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