Recent Stock Purchase July 2016

What a crazy financial year it’s been. If you recall, 2016 got off to its worst start ever for the financial markets. All the headlines were proclaiming, “It’s the end.” The start of a new bear market was upon us and the major market averages all took steep dives. Fast forward a few months and … Read more

College Dorm Dividends

As a dividend growth investor, I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting income investment opportunities. This usually leads me down the path of your typical dividend aristocrats but every once in a while you come across an interesting sector or business segment that a) you never thought existed and b) could potentially fulfill … Read more

Six Long Term Strategies You Need Towards Future Success

This post may contain affiliate links: Financial success, for a lot of people, isn’t something handed to them. It’s something that takes work. Not just finding the best ways to make money. But the strategies to make it grow as well. It takes a long time, a lot of learning and a watchful eye. You … Read more

Road Trip

This week Mrs. DivHut, baby DivHut and myself will be taking a road trip up the west coast of California, Oregon and Washington with a long visit in Seattle as our final destination. The drive is “scheduled” to take about seven or eight days each way with stops along the road to enjoy the scenery … Read more

Realty Income (O)… Is It Overvalued?

This is a guest post by Passive Income Dude Ah, Realty Income. The dividend stalwart that all dividend investors love. The company with 23 consecutive years of higher dividends. The safe haven that money flocks to when markets are volatile. The company that trademarked the slogan “The Monthly Dividend Company.” The company that has paid … Read more

Baby DivHut Dividend Income And Portfolio Update

With half of 2016 already in the books I thought it would be fun and interesting to see how baby DivHut’s dividend income progress has been moving along. I like to do these baby DivHut updates three or four times a year as not much changes in his portfolio on a month to month basis. … Read more

7 Simple Money-Saving and Investing Hacks That Actually Work

The following is a guest blog post:   Saving can be quite difficult if you have grown used to buying bags, shoes, and even sets of furniture on impulse. Sure, we are not growing any younger by the day, right? It is important that we set aside some portion of our paycheck and not spend … Read more

Dividend Income Update June 2016

With half the year officially under our collective belts a clearer picture of our full year of dividend income comes into view. June, of course, is a favorite month among dividend investors as end of quarter months usually signify higher than average passive income received. Looking back at the last six months I can see … Read more