July 2016 Stock Considerations

With the month of June quickly wrapping up on a very volatile note, it looks like better buying opportunities lay ahead in the coming month with a lot of uncertainty and no precedent to guide us through the formal leaving of Great Britain from the European Union. Clearly, the worldwide stock markets do not like … Read more

A New World of Trading Opportunities With CFD Brokers

The following is a sponsored blog post: The on-going digitization of trading continues to create new and exotic derivatives of traditional market instruments that allow access to increasingly complex trading strategies to increasing numbers and types of traders. Contemporary CFD (Cash For Difference) brokers offer the opportunity for retail investors of all sorts to make … Read more

The Pantry Portfolio

It’s no secret that I like the defensive nature of the consumer staples the most. In a recent post I showed you my dividend portfolio sector allocations in which the consumer staples represent my largest holdings by far. Of course, this is by design as I value the very defensive nature of this sector and … Read more

Dividend Portfolio Sector Allocation June 2016

Every few months I like to take a look at my portfolio holdings and examine my overall sector allocations to see if they meet my comfort level as to how my capital is distributed. As we all know, market forces affect certain sectors at different times throughout business cycles which can often throw many portfolio … Read more