Investing 100K In Dividend Growth Stocks

This article is a guest post by Mike McNeil, author The The Dividend Guy Blog and founder of Dividend Stocks Rock. While we never met, Keith and I share many things in common. First, we both love to travel. I just came back from a 12 months RV trip in Central America. Second, we are … Read more

4 Benefits Of Trading Through Your Phone

The following is a guest blog post: Trading can be a fantastically flexible way for you to make money and to take control of your finances. Instead of relying on a bank to offer you a small amount of interest each year, trading can help you to get the most out of your money. It … Read more

August 2017 Stock Considerations

With the start of a new trading month upon us, it is time, once again, to lay out a plan for my potential stock picks. As many of you do the same, I’m sure you have come to the realization that this current market continues to defy a lot of common sense and logic. We … Read more

Trading Psychology Explained – What Does It Take To Become A Voracious Trader?

The following is a guest blog post: Although many consider the Foreign Exchange Market or Forex to be the ingrained mark of modern society, history reveals that the act of trading is as ancient as time itself. For examples, in Ancient Byzantium, currency traders also referred to as money-changers, would help citizens in exchanging their … Read more

How Does Currency Trading Really Work?

The following is a guest blog post: The currency market is the world’s most actively traded market. Daily estimates peg the value of currency trading at $5.2 trillion, and most of it takes place in 3 countries: the UK, the US and Japan. The Triennial Central Bank Survey from 2010 established that 6% of all … Read more

3 Effective Penny Stock Trading Tips

The following is a guest blog post: Penny stocks are stocks that are traded for less than $5, and they are known as ‘Penny stocks’ because they can cost as little as a few cents, or a few pennies. Penny stocks are usually sold by companies who don’t have many real assets as they may … Read more

July 2017 Stock Considerations

Here we are with another installment of my “stock considerations” for the upcoming month. With the first week of trading upon us in July, it is time, once again, to lay out a plan for my potential stock picks for the month. As many of you already know, I make sure to purchase at least … Read more

Why Dividend History Matters When Investing In Dividend Stocks

This is a guest contribution from Nick McCullum of Sure Dividend Dividends are an important part of shareholder total returns. The following chart compares the long-term price returns (excluding dividends) to the long-term total returns (including dividends) of the S&P 500 (approximated using the ETF SPY).   Source: YCharts   The 10-year rolling total returns … Read more