Dividend Income Update May 2019

The beginning of every month is exciting for all dividend income investors as we look back at the previous month and see how much passive dividend income our portfolios generated. No doubt, these are the best posts to write and read online as it only provides further proof that dividend investing can work over time and that anyone can create an ever growing passive income stream. Looking back at my May totals I see that my year over year progress is still moving at a nice clip and I look forward to calculating my half year 2019 totals in a few weeks to see where I stand relative to last year. With that being said, let’s take a look back at my May 2019 dividend income.

Dividend income from my taxable account totaled $466.22 up from $374.11 an increase of 24.6% from May of last year.

Dividend income from my ROTH account totaled $285.81 up from $238.88 an increase of 19.6% from this time last year.

Dividend income from my IRA account totaled $181.44 up from $167.75 from this time last year. An increase of 8.2%.

Grand total for the month of May: $933.47 an increase of 19.6% from May 2018.

Brokerage Account

Year to date dividends: $2,932.96

DateDescriptionAmount $
 05/01/19  GENERAL MILLS INC CASH DIV ON 114.25311 SHS REC 04/10/19 PAY...55.98
 05/01/19  AT&T INC CASH DIV ON 64.06607 SHS REC 04/10/19 PAY 05/01/1932.67
 05/06/19  BEMIS CO INC CASH DIV ON 36.44753 SHS REC 04/29/19 PAY 05/06...11.66
 05/10/19  CLOROX CO CASH DIV ON 17.10604 SHS REC 04/24/19 PAY 05/10/1916.42
 05/13/19  AIR PRODUCTS & CHEMICALS INC CASH DIV ON 41.27056 SHS REC 04...47.87
 05/15/19  PROCTER & GAMBLE CO CASH DIV ON 28.20333 SHS REC 04/19/19 PA...21.04
 05/15/19  HORMEL FOODS CORP CASH DIV ON 86.41528 SHS REC 04/15/19 PAY ...18.15
 05/15/19  COLGATE PALMOLIVE COMPANY CASH DIV ON 18.11423 SHS REC 04/19...7.79
 05/15/19  ABBVIE INC CASH DIV ON 151.98748 SHS REC 04/15/19 PAY 05/15/...162.63
 05/15/19  ABBOTT LABORATORIES CASH DIV ON 79.33886 SHS REC 04/15/19 PA...25.39
 05/20/19  CATERPILLAR INC CASH DIV ON 75.47049 SHS REC 04/22/19 PAY 05...64.90
Total: $466.22

ROTH Account

Year to date dividends: $1,038.74

DateDescriptionAmount $
 05/01/19  ***TORONTO-DOMINION BANK CASH DIV ON 180.60523 SHS REC 04/11...99.55
 05/01/19  GENERAL MILLS INC CASH DIV ON 56.62101 SHS REC 04/10/19 PAY ...27.74
 05/15/19  PROCTER & GAMBLE CO CASH DIV ON 11.07989 SHS REC 04/19/19 PA...8.26
 05/15/19  HORMEL FOODS CORP CASH DIV ON 9.04346 SHS REC 04/15/19 PAY 0...1.90
 05/15/19  ABBVIE INC CASH DIV ON 20.06625 SHS REC 04/15/19 PAY 05/15/1...21.47
 05/20/19  CATERPILLAR INC CASH DIV ON 65.40776 SHS REC 04/22/19 PAY 05...56.25
 05/24/19  STARBUCKS CORP CASH DIV ON 7.07310 SHS REC 05/09/19 PAY 05/2...2.55
 05/28/19  ***ROYAL BANK OF CANADA CASH DIV ON 89.84916 SHS REC 04/27/1...68.09
Total: $285.81

IRA Account

Year to date dividends: $504.77

DateDescriptionAmount $
05/21/19HCP INC CASH DIV ON 171.16583 SHS REC 05/06/19 PAY 05/21/1963.33
05/28/2019WELLTOWER INC REIT67.86
05/31/2019SABRA HLTH CARE REIT44.55
Total: $181.44

Looking at the figures above I cannot complain as my dividend train keeps chugging along churning out that passive income despite currency headwinds, dividend cuts, economic headwinds, tariffs, the federal reserve, interest rates, terror across the world, saber rattling from North Korea, China, Russian troops in Ukraine, The Nigerian delta under attack curbing the flow of oil, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, measles outbreak, credit card debt, student debt, etc. etc. I think you get the point. There will ALWAYS be negative financial, civil, health news and more. Even during the best economic times there will always be an opinion citing concerns. The question is will you react to the headlines or stay the course?

Are any of these dividend stocks in your portfolio too? How was your May dividend income? Please let me know below.

Disclosure: Long all above

33 thoughts on “Dividend Income Update May 2019”

    • Hi Tawcan,

      Thanks for the continued support. ABBV under $80 always looks good to me. Maybe consider adding some at those levels? Solid tally for your May. Always encouraging.

    • Hi MDD,

      Thanks for those kind words and continued support. I’ll continue to make my monthly buys and continue to pump up that dividend income. After all, those GE and KHC cuts did not help anyone 🙂

    • Hi FF,

      It will be nice to deploy a nice chunk of change when the market does eventually tank. Of course, people have been calling for a downturn since 2009, even when the market started to rebound as many did not trust the bounce. Small consistent monthly buying for me as I have no idea when the next recession will be.

    • Hi DG,

      Well said. I think too many get caught up in the moment of bad news and it scares them from investing. The world does keep turning and if one simply looks at all the bad things that happened over the last 100+ years and realized that many of these companies managed to navigate those rough waters they’d see that long term everything seems to work out.

    • Hi Doug,

      Slowly but surely that DGI portfolio is churning out some nice cash. My wife and I have been doing this for quite some time with no plans on stopping. DGI is the marathon of investing.

  1. Consistency is key – that’s a lot of extra income right there! Many similar names this month, can’t wait for GIS to get it going again myself. interested to see what purchases are made in June.

    Best regards.
    Divcome recently posted…May 2019 DivcomeMy Profile

    • Hi Divcome,

      Consistency is key with most things in life. Can’t give up and just keep going. I think most fail going the DGI route because results are not instant. Real DGI results take years if not decades to fully materialize.

    • Hi Passivecanadianincome,

      May was a strong month. I have some heavy hitters as you mentioned with ABBV and CAT. You know my mantra… invest monthly no matter what.

  2. DivHut –

    INSANE MONTH! So awesome. You are right, there are always financial turmoil in the market in place. The question is – can you turn the noise off and continue staying consistent? I know you can and are doing that, that’s for sure. Your numbers above are the real deal proof.


    • Hi DD,

      Thanks for those kind words. Geez, I started on the DGI path back in late 2007. Not exactly the best time to start building a portfolio as we all know what happened shortly thereafter. Of course, even back then I stayed in the game, tuned out all the noise and kept investing each month. It wasn’t easy but I managed it. I plan on doing more the same during our next downturn whenever that may be.

  3. That’s a pretty much complete list of bad news:) Anyway we seem to have a tendency to focus more on negative things/news than on positive ones. But all in all people having a better life today than 5 or 10 years ago.
    In financial terms, as you already said: dividend income keeps growing, the long-term market trend is showing upward and that’s what matters the most.

    • Hi Snugfortune,

      Exactly. Stay in the game, collect those dividends, reinvest, add fresh capital and life goes on. Bad news sells. It always has which is why we are bombarded with the bad stories more than the good. Take responsibility for your own financial future and chances are you’ll be well above the rest.

    • Hi PC,

      If you focus on the news headlines you’d want to curl up into a ball and hide in the back of a dark closet. Ignore it all. No such thing as news, just sensationalism. Stay focused on what you do, stay in the game and ride out the storms.

    • Hi Jason,

      Thanks for those kind words. I am looking to sell some of my stocks as my portfolio has grown quite a bit mostly from stock spin offs. I have over a dozen new names that I never intended on owning but have somehow found their way into my portfolio. A good clean up is warranted. That may be where some of those unfamiliar names are.

    • Hi ED,

      Nice job with your May income. You know my routine… invest monthly, reinvest and enjoy those raises when they come. Do that for many, many years and you create your own passive income machine.

    • Hi Ehlersfinance.com,

      Thanks for those kind words and encouragement. Month by month I’ll be adding to my portfolio and enjoy those dividends as they come in.


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