Recent Stock Purchase May 2019

Looks like I waited for the last few days of May to make my monthly purchase. All good as I have been busy moving my accounts over to Schwab. For those that are interested, they still honor old Scottrade accounts and will give you free trades for as many years as you have been a Scottrade member. Here is the link

Long story short, I now have zero commission trades on Schwab for twenty years. The offer is so good that I am also moving Mrs. DivHut’s account too, so going forward I’ll be reporting our combined dividend income. This also helps consolidate our accounts which makes things a bit easier going forward. I find that over time we tend to open too many bank accounts, credit cards, stock/retirement accounts etc. Having all our stock portfolios (individual, custodial, ROTH and IRA) under “one roof” will be a nice change. Baby DivHut is coming along too 🙂 With that being said let’s take a look at my May buys.

Sticking to my May stock considerations list:

I have added to my taxable account 22 shares at $49.83 for a total investment of $1,096.26 in Altria Group, Inc. (MO). With this recent purchase my taxable account holdings in MO now totals 79 shares with a market value of $3,923.93. I also hold 27 shares of MO in my ROTH account with a market value of $1,343.25.

I have added to my taxable account 10 shares at $65.14 for a total investment of $651.40 in Gilead Sciences, Inc. (GILD). With this recent purchase my taxable account holdings in GILD now totals 26 shares with a market value of $1,647.62.

Both MO and GILD still represent very small portions of my portfolio which will make them candidates for June purchases as well.

I have added to my ROTH account 8 shares at $77.77 for a total investment of $622.16 in AbbVie Inc. (ABBV). With this recent purchase my ROTH account holdings in ABBV now totals 43 shares with a market value of $3,360.02. I also hold 153 shares with a market value of $11,953.89 in my taxable account making ABBV one of my largest holdings overall. While I still like company very much long term I may want to look elsewhere for my next buy as my weighting becomes heavier in that stock.

So there you have it. Three buys with a total of $2,369.82 put to work in May. The markets may be in turmoil but those dividends continue to be stacked. I plan to take advantage of these better prices and yields as they are presented. Just look at some other dividend stalwarts going on sale this month like JNJ, MMM and more.

What do you think about my recent stock buys? Are you picking up some shares too or sitting on the sidelines? Please let me know below.

Disclosure: Long MO, GILD, ABBV, JNJ, MMM

29 thoughts on “Recent Stock Purchase May 2019”

    • Hi DD,

      The answer is both. We actually opened up two joint accounts a loooooong time ago essentially funded with our “own” money. This was right around the time we got married. I decided to go the DGI route and she traded mostly (not actively). Now she is 100% DGI and we have combined both joint accounts into one and now under one sign on. I have to say it’s a pleasure seeing everything on one page from one broker including baby DivHut 🙂 (though not a baby any more) 🙁

    • Hi Passivecanadianincome,

      Being a Scottrade customer for all those years has paid off in terms of free trades from Schwab. I’ll gladly take them. As you know, I like ABBV under $80 and will always consider adding if it trades below those levels. Tobacco is another beaten down sector that looks promising for the long term holder. I do like the moves MO has made getting into vaping and cannabis.

  1. Wow 20 years free trading, you should keep a tally of those savings. I’ll get you started…. 15 bucks in May.
    I have some ABBV. I like biotech/healthcare right now. Looking at some other sectors but JNJ is intriguing
    Passive Cash recently posted…Goals – 2019My Profile

    • Hi PC,

      Every bit of savings helps. Not having to worry about commission is nice for two reasons. First, I’ll save cash and second I now have the ability to invest much smaller amounts should I choose to. I think JNJ, TEVA and other health/drug companies are still in the cross hairs of opioid culpability giving us some good entry points.

    • Hi DD,

      Love those JNJ legal dips. I think JNJ, TEVA and other health/drug companies are still in the cross hairs of opioid culpability. Lower prices means higher yields for those patient dividend investors.

    • Hi dividendsandhobbies,

      Hard to argue about the benefits of free trades if you can get them. Going forward I’ll be able to make smaller buys if I choose to which is something I like. I’m still looking at buying many of those same stocks in June. Haven’t deployed my capital yet 🙂

  2. Some solid exposure to the healthcare industry (and regulatory risk with coming elections). I’m still sitting on the sidelines (in 3-month treasuries). ABBV and CVS are towards the top of my watch list right now. I’m hoping for better entry points… although, I concede, timing the market is a fools game. Once I’ve bought in, I’ll manually reinvest dividends and other income on a quarterly basis to avoid trying to time short-term entry points.

    • Hi FF,

      Looks like you have a good plan once you enter into your stocks. I do the same. Buy, reinvest and try to avoid timing the “best” time to enter. Regulatory risk is always a concern but I do not pay too much attention to it as many of the “good” companies know how to navigate those waters. We had eight years of an executive boot on the necks of all businesses and they managed to deal with all the regs. Tobacco had regularity risks for about five decades and has performed amazingly during that time. If it’s a good business/company, I’m in.

  3. Keith,

    It is indeed a nice time to be looking to buy! I like the purchases, a lot of added income there. So many securities are under a lot of stress, its going to be hard to decide where to allocate capital.

    – Gremlin

    • Hi DG,

      So true. I can remember a time, not so long ago, when may of us struggled where to park our fresh cash. These days, no such thing as many great dividend stocks have gone on sale. In June, I am looking at many of the same names since April. Sometimes, I fall to that siren song of high yield.

  4. Man those free trades for 20 years is incredible. Also it’s nice to see you make some purchases. I added some shares of ADM earlier this month and I’m hoping MMM will keep falling do I can add some more of them too sometime in June.

    • Hi JC,

      Both ADM and MMM have been with me for a long time. I like both very much for the long haul. That Schwab offer was too good to pass up. I have been with Scottrade for so long it’s nice to see it coming back to me as free trades. Now I can save money on commissions and can afford to make smaller trades too.

  5. Well chosen, DH. ABBV and MO are certainly on my watchlist. I think the price of MO could dive deeper in the coming weeks. Right now, I have a full position at an average price of $54.

    I’m also keen on adding to my position in CVS, MMM and XOM.

    • Hi dividendcompounder,

      You have some solid choices too. MMM seems to be my top pick among yours. No doubt we still have many good options out there, some with very enticing yield too!

    • Hi BHL,

      I’ll take $0 commissions any day. While it will save me money over the long haul it also enables me to make much smaller purchases going forward.

  6. Hi Keith
    I like your stock picks, particularily in MO.
    Stock prices are getting more and more attractive, I’ve been adding to my portfolio too, recently shares of consumer staple businesses (one very small European company in the coffee sector and another one in the alcohol and soft drink business).
    And yesterday, I initiated a position in 3M.
    Keep up your great work!

    • Hi FS,

      MMM is a nice pick up. 2019 has been a tough year for that stock and I think it has been unfairly beaten down. Always nice to pick up a dividend stalwart like that at much better prices. I still have not made my June buy but looking at many of the same names I had in April and May.

    • Hi Divcome,

      That was a pretty “high” month for me in terms of fresh capital being added. Usually, I invest around $1K a month. Now with those free trades I can afford to make even smaller purchases. Thanks for commenting.

  7. Hey Keith,

    Nice work with ABBV. I think it looks really attractive at the current price. If I hadn’t just invested in DIS, I had it on the list as well.
    Great momentum with over $2k invested. Keep it up.

    Take care,
    Get Rich Brothers recently posted…Proverbs 17:17My Profile

    • Hi GRB,

      As long as ABBV is under $80 it will be on my radar. It’s already a large part of my portfolio which is why in June I may look elsewhere for a buy.

  8. That is quite the deal. Awesome to have 20 years of free trades. And smart to consolidate with your wife. Makes life a lot easier and it gives you a more realistic idea of where your finances are at and the amount of income potential they can generate. Keep making those quality buys.
    Dividend Daze recently posted…Dividend Update – May 2019My Profile

    • Hi DD,

      You know how it goes sometimes. You start with one account, next thing you know you have a retirement account or two, get married and realize your spouse has another account or two or three, banks accounts, credit cards, etc. It can get overwhelming at times. Less is more and having everything under one roof with that 20 year deal was worth it.


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