Dividend Income Update May 2018

The beginning of every month is exciting for all dividend income investors as we look back at the previous month and see how much passive dividend income our portfolios generated. No doubt, these are the best posts to write and read online as it only provides further proof that dividend investing can work over time and that anyone can create an ever growing passive income stream. Looking back at my May totals I see that my year over year progress is still moving at a nice clip and I look forward to calculating my half year 2018 totals in a few weeks to see where I stand relative to last year. With that being said, let’s take a look back at my May 2018 dividend income.


Dividend income from my taxable account totaled $374.11 up from $296.58 an increase of 26.1% from May of last year.


Dividend income from my ROTH account totaled $238.88 up from $196.06 an increase of 21.8% from this time last year.


Dividend income from my IRA account totaled $167.75 up from $91.74 from this time last year. An increase of 82.9%.


Grand total for the month of May: $780.74 an increase of 33.6% from May 2017.


Brokerage Account

Year to date dividends: $2,050.07

Total: $374.11

ROTH Account

Year to date dividends: $911.41

Total: $238.88

IRA Account

Year to date dividends: $445.70

Total: $167.75


Looking at the figures above I cannot complain as my dividend train keeps chugging along churning out that passive income despite currency headwinds, economic headwinds, terror across the world, saber rattling from North Korea, Russian troops in Ukraine, The Nigerian delta under attack curbing the flow of oil, floods, earthquakes, volcanos, etc. etc. I think you get the point. There will ALWAYS be negative financial, civil, health news and more. Even during the best economic times there will always be an opinion citing concerns. The question is will you react to the headlines or stay the course?


Are any of these dividend stocks in your portfolio too? How was your May dividend income? Please let me know below.


Disclosure: Long all above

50 thoughts on “Dividend Income Update May 2018”

    • Hi DI,

      Those positions have been built up over many, many years. With consistent buying and reinvestment the positions continue to grow even if share prices stumble from time to time. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

    • Hi BPM,

      Thank you for those kind words πŸ™‚ I guess my real world portfolio shows what can be achieved over the long haul and simply buying and holding through good times and bad. It wasn’t always roses but time tends to smooth out any near term rough patches.

  1. Keith,
    So far this year I feel like I’m having a very good year with dividend increases. Many of the companies I own have broken to the upside versus past dividend increase trends. This is great and you may be seeing it too? Partly because of the new tax code and mainly due to record profitability, I’m glad to see our mutual companies sharing the wealth. Tom
    Tom @ Dividends Diversify recently posted…Do You Want a Pepsi with That?My Profile

    • Hi DD,

      I think the key to being a stock investor is to simply buy and hold quality companies over the long haul. Tax codes change, presidents change, laws change, economies change, etc. but by having a long term outlook and not panicking during market sell offs one can do well as all companies cycle through good times and bad and have a tendency to do well over time. Of course, the inevitable dud will hit your portfolio but by being diversified any negative impact can be mitigated.

    • Hi MR,

      Thank you for your continued support. My plan is to continue doing more of the same which is growing my year over year income as long as I can.

  2. Great month. Quite the position you have in ABBV. They are really pulling a lot of weight for you this month. I finally have a small position with them which is looking good so far. Lucky you were able to get so many shares off the spin off. They have performed really well for you since then. Especially with that last huge dividend increase in the beginning of the year.

    • Hi DD,

      ABBV has been a great winner thus far. It wasn’t that long ago when there are so much negative news about the ABBV pipeline and Humira patents expiring and blah, blah, blah. You get the point. I ignore all news and negative headlines for the most part. “Analysts” and “experts” dumped on GWW not long ago too when AMZN was eating its lunch. Now it’s at all time high. They dumped on MCD and YUM as bad, unhealthy fast food was so yesterday and it was all about fresh, organic and healthy. Give me a break. They dumped on energy too. It was all about wind, solar, electric cars, batteries etc. Not yet. Now, staples are dumped on. Give me GIS, KHC, HRL, PG and the like for the long haul. GE is in the cross hairs too. Of course, there is no guarantee anything will rebound but I’ll diversify and take my chances and stick with dogs in the near to mid term. In 2018 no one likes REITs or utilities either. You know what I’m saying πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Keith –
    Nice progress and – as always – a very clean recap. Thanks for sharing.

    Similar to others in the dividend community, you have a nice balance of individual names. I also like though that you’re taking advantage of various account types. This is helpful to balance out returns from the taxable vs. non-taxable perspective.

    For us, May was a solid month overall. We’re still attempting to diversify the frequency of our payers beyond the third month of each quarter. T is our current single name dividend payer, but we’re watching some others to make a potential move soon.

    Thanks again for the post. – Mike
    Mike at Balanced Dividends recently posted…Finding Balance: Closing Time in Chi-TownMy Profile

    • Hi BD,

      As long as you are in the game that’s what is most important. Funds or individual stocks you must do what works best for you. The bulk of my holdings are in my taxable account but as you stated I’m also taking advantage of retirement accounts too with Canadian banks and REITs placed in those accounts. Keep building and growing and motivating!

  4. Keith,

    A 33% gain at this level is huge. We share a bunch of positions, and I cannot wait to grow those and add more. It feels very good to be able to build an income stream that requires minimal work compared to the day to day.

    – Gremlin

    • Hi DG,

      You said it. That’s the beauty of dividend income that cannot be understated. It’s all passive. Day to day we all have our chores and responsibilities. It’s nice knowing that while we toil there is a growing income stream flowing into our accounts every month.

    • Hi DP,

      Thank you for those kind words. I receive my inspiration from everyone in our DGI community. It’s always nice following and seeing our collective progress.

    • Hi AAI,

      Always happy to know another fellow shareholder in some solid dividend paying companies. Looks like we’re all having a great 2018 so far. GIS and PG still look attractive to me this month πŸ™‚ No love for the staples this year.

    • Hi MDD,

      May was a solid showing, that’s for sure. I’m happy any month I can put up year over year gains. It just confirms to me that what I’m doing is working over the long haul. Thank you for commenting.

    • Hi dividendsandhobbies,

      Thank you for your comment and continued support. My goal is to put up year over year gains, period. Of course, seeing double digit returns is nice but I know it won’t always be feasible. I’ll take it when I can get it πŸ™‚

    • Hi Passivecanadianincome,

      Those Canadian banks continue to perform. As a U.S. investor I’m a big fan of the large Canadian banks. For now, it’s TD, BNS and RY but I wouldn’t mind adding some BMO and CM too one day. As always, I appreciate your comment.

    • Hi ED,

      Both positions took many, many years till they got to this point in time. Just goes to show that with consistent buying, reinvestment and dividend raises every company can yield a C-note and more πŸ™‚ Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  5. Hut –

    Wow… impressive. Up over 33% since May of 2017. Can you keep that rate up? You damn well know what will happen if you do : ) Also – Think HCP will bring back dividend increases any time soon?


    • Hi DD,

      Not sure if that rate can be kept up but I do know that I will always be happy as long as I can show year over year gains. Regarding HCP, I’m not even thinking about dividend raises or anything for that matter. Just as long as they can continue to pay out at their current rate will make me happy. As you know, all the health REITs have taken it on the chin this year and I still think more pain is ahead as rate hike fears always put the sector into free fall. I plan to hold all my health REITs for now, reinvest automatically and ride out the near and mid term weakness. No sell for me.

    • Hi TDP,

      I was quite happy posting that year over year gain. It’s always exciting seeing solid gains come in during a particular month. I’m a big fan of the large Canadian banks, TD, BNS and RY. I wouldn’t mind expanding my holdings with BMO and CM one day too. One step at a time right. As always, I appreciate your comment.

  6. Great progress, and that encourages me as we have quite a few similar holdings. It looks like our positions in ABBV and ABT are very close as well.

    How are you feeling about LTC? I’m looking to build up a REIT position soon once an old pension transfers, and their freeze of the dividend has me a little apprehensive on them.

    • Hi DD,

      Always nice to see others holding similar stocks in a portfolio. I like my ABT and ABBV long term. Both have been great performers and are still leaders in their space. I still plan to hold on to my LTC for now and reinvest all distributions as they come in. The REITs have taken it on the chin in 2018 with more potential for declines as rate hike fears grip the sector. Long term, I like the health REIT space and will simply hold at this time.

  7. Divhut – another excellent month! Congratulations on another great month. Man it has been a blast watching your journey and seeing your portfolio grow over the year. The best is yet to come my friend!


    • Hi DD,

      Always appreciate the kind words coming from you. Where has the time gone? I can’t believe that I started this blog back in ’14 and still writing updates. Of course, the benefit of blogging all those years is seeing first hand how my portfolio and passive income stream has grown. Thank you for the continued support.

  8. Totally agree with you Div. There is never a “right” time to start. There will always be negative news. One must simply do their research and invest in good, stable businesses for the long run and should be just fine. Congrats on a great month!
    Money Hungry recently posted…Dividend Income May 2018My Profile

    • Hi MH,

      Exactly. I think too often many potential dividend income investors fall prey to analysis paralysis as they wait for the “best” time to start investing. Any day is a good day to start whether we are in the depths of a recession or at all time highs… there is always an opportunity.

    • Hi timeinthemarket,

      Well said. Short term volatility always opens new doors for potential investments. I keep having that long term perspective and just do what I have been doing for over a decade. Buy consistently, reinvest and ignore the panic and doom.

    • Hi IT,

      My pleasure. I love the openness and transparency of the entire dividend income community. It shows, in real world portfolios, that generating a passive income stream is possible at all stages, whether just starting out with a seed portfolio or managing a monster forest of dividend payers.

    • Hi GYM,

      Appreciate those kind words. Some months I can manage solid year over growth and other months it’s less exciting but as long as I can show any growth I am happy. Thank you for commenting.

  9. Great results, Keith! Congrats on achieving a 33.6% YOY increase. That’s really impressive when you’re earning as much dividends as you are. I own two of the stocks mentioned in your holdings above – one of them is a financial institution and the other is PG. And my dividend income is a lot lower than yours, but I still had solid growth compared to the previous quarter. Thanks for sharing!
    Reverse The Crush recently posted…Dividend Income Update # 12 – May 2018 | RTC Provides GuidanceMy Profile

    • Hi RTC,

      The amount coming in does not matter as much as the progress you can show on a year over year basis. As long as you can show growth in that respect you know that you are headed in the right direction which is what counts in the long run. Nice to know we share some common names. Keep building and growing!


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