Dividend Income Update September 2023

With the start of the final quarter of 2023, it’s time to take a look back at my previous month of dividend income. Not that I’m looking to rush 2023 but time has a way of slipping by without us really noticing and before you know it the holidays and a New Year are upon us once again. Why not stay invested in the market and continue to make contributions throughout the year and take advantage of all that time whizzing by while collecting those dividends? Stay in the game no matter what the headlines read or the market does. Sure, there is a lot of uncertainty these days. Markets continue to wobble, real estate is starting to crack, precious metals doing a whole lot of nothing and the crypto world is still in bear mode though green shoots are showing. Panic?!? No way. I’m staying in the game as I have for many, many years already. These lows are when the real profits and income is generated in the future. We all know that when stock prices tumble, all things being equal, gives us much higher initial yields from our dividend stocks. And who doesn’t appreciate higher yield when adding new shares or reinvesting? With that being said, let’s take a look back at my September 2023 totals.

09/01/2023AFLAFLAC INC$163.32
09/01/2023GWWWW GRAINGER INC$26.16
09/05/2023PFEPFIZER INC$25.27
09/06/2023SOSOUTHERN CO$119.68
09/07/2023JNJJOHNSON & JOHNSON$92.90
09/08/2023YUMYUM BRANDS INC$35.88
09/08/2023AMGNAMGEN INC.$4.33
09/12/2023MMM3M CO$39.40
09/13/2023EMBCEMBECTA CORP$0.60
09/14/2023MSFTMICROSOFT CORP$11.33
09/15/2023VTRSVIATRIS INC$9.87
09/18/2023MCDMCDONALDS CORP$50.77
09/18/23DOVDOVER CORP$23.57
09/20/2023VFCVF CORP$23.53
09/22/2023BPBP PLC$750.11
09/29/2023AVGOBROADCOM INC$23.66
09/29/2023PEPPEPSICO INC$44.63
09/29/2023KHCKRAFT HEINZ CO$79.95

Wow, getting close to that $2,000 milestone in a month sure looks amazing. I know, those end of quarter months are always the big payers but it’s still nice to see. Happy to announce that in September 2023 my year over year dividend increase was 11.6%. The dividend train keeps chugging along. Of course, I do think about the rate at which my dividend income grows relative to the incredible shrinking dollar. After all, what good is that nominal increase in income if all I can buy is a Coke? Are any of these dividend stocks in your portfolio too? How was your September dividend income? Please let me know below.

Disclosure: Long all above

2 thoughts on “Dividend Income Update September 2023”

  1. DivHut- glad you are almost at $2k. Congrats. Long time lurker. You may have already mentioned this but what is your attitude with spinoffs like Embecta or Orion or Kenevue? I know some people keep them passively but do not add, or others sell the position off? GLTA.

    • Hi GT,

      Generally, my experience with spin offs have been below average. Here and there you find some gems and true shareholder value found like with ABT/ABBV. That’s been one of the best in my portfolio. Then you get T/WBD which is trash or GE/GEHC which hasn’t done anything and yields close to nothing. Over the years I have had many spin offs, some I kept, some I sold. I guess it’s all about your own expectations and tolerance for “new” issues. Here are a few more, some kept, some sold: KMB/HYH, APD/VSM (now private), YUM/YUMC, KHC/MDLZ, IR/ALLE, VTR/CCP, VFC/KTB, BDX/EMBC, HCP/QCP, GSK/HLN. I know I have more. Honestly, I buy a company for the sum of its parts, not individual parts. Hope that helps.


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