Recent Stock Purchase September 2022

As you know by now I make a stock purchase every single month no matter what is going on in the world and despite the doom and gloom headlines. Perhaps I am naive or more of an optimist that we will get through these dark financial times somehow. Either way, I have been busy buying up some stock this month and was happy to put some fresh and recycled capital to work to try and recoup some of my lost dividend income courtesy of the numerous cuts bestowed upon my portfolio in recent years. I know the only thing in my power is to dollar cost average into my positions buying at near all time highs while also buying during big time swoons and staying diversified to mitigate those dividend cuts we have all become familiar with. With that being said, and sticking to my September 2022 stock considerations, I continued to nibble and add to my portfolio:

09/02/2022SellWBDWARNER BROTHERS DISCOVER101$13.205$1,333.68
09/02/2022BuyVTRSVIATRIS INC52.7426$9.48-$500.00
09/06/2022BuyGSKGSK PLC10$31.4362-$314.36
09/06/2022BuyTA T & T INC14.8209$16.868-$250.00
09/06/2022BuyVZVERIZON COMMUNICATN6.052$41.308-$250.00

As you can see, there is one notable trade that is not a buy this month as I decided to shuttle Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. (WBD). I have enough dog spin offs that lose value and pay no dividends. Time to free up some cash and put it to work elsewhere. Frankly, I’m sick of all these spin offs. When I first started investing, spin offs were quite rare. Today, it seems that every company is engaged in accounting trickery fooling shareholders with crap spin offs that only disguise real dividend cuts. Rarely does a spin off these days equate to a solid real world standalone company. Over the years AbbVie Inc. (ABBV) has proven itself but those high flying spin off winners are becoming exceedingly rare.

I continue to buy the same beaten down names in 2022 like VZ and a newcomer for the year GSK while enjoying the higher current yield because of these price drops. We’ll see how the rest of the year plays out with rising interest rates still on deck while in the midst of a recession. Of course, all this means for long term dividend investors is that we are getting better buying opportunities for some high quality stocks. It’s unlikely I’ll be adding any more shares in September but another market swoon and I’ll probably average down again.

What do you think about my stock buys for the month of September? What have you been buying?

Disclosure: Long all above

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