Recent Stock Purchase March 2020

I’ll be the first to say that I don’t have a crystal ball, nor do I pretend to even attempt to understand what is going on in the markets these days as massive sell offs continue. I can predict with 100% certainty that I do not know where the bottom is. The only thing I can compare these times to is the financial crisis of a decade ago where I saw my portfolio value plunge by more than 60% as everyone was trying to grasp what was going on. During those dark days of financial uncertainty I continued doing what I have always preached which was to continue making monthly buys no matter what the headlines read and dollar cost average my holdings. These are the times that will test your investing mettle as many run for the hills while a select few continue to make buys against the herd. Can the market plunge another 10%, 20% or 30% or more? Sure, but I have no way to tell when the bleeding will end. See, as long term dividend growth investors we are by default optimists as we are investing for a better financial future and we believe there will be a future despite the bleak near term happenings. The alternative is to barricade yourself in some remote location and cut yourself off from the rest of the world and what kind of life is that? With that being said I continued to nibble and added some new positions as well to my portfolio.

I have added to my taxable account 2 shares at $248.86 for a total investment of $497.72 in Broadcom Inc. (AVGO). This is a new position.

I have added to my taxable account 20 shares at $34.38 for a total investment of $687.60 in Leggett & Platt, Incorporated (LEG). This is a new position.

I have added to my taxable account 4 shares at $150.63 for a total investment of $602.52 in General Dynamics Corporation (GD). This is a new position.

I have added to my taxable account 10 shares at $61.65 for a total investment of $616.50 in LyondellBasell Industries N.V. (LYB). With this recent purchase my taxable account holdings in LYB now totals 28 shares with a market value of $1,692.04.

These are my first buys for the month of March. As cash allows I may be tempted to pick up more shares in the same or other stocks. As you can see I continued to nibble on several positions while putting a total of $2,404.34 of fresh capital to work. I was happy to add some new names to my portfolio for the long haul too. AVGO is my first true pure tech play and GD gets me some new defense exposure.

What do you think about me recent buys? Are you picking up some shares these days or sitting on the sidelines till things blow over. Please let me know below.

Disclosure: Long AVGO, LEG, GD, LYB

17 thoughts on “Recent Stock Purchase March 2020”

    • Hi Passivecanadianincome,

      You already know by now that I stick to my investing plan month in and month out making my buys no matter what the headlines read or what is going on in the world. Cash flow and cash on hand is key which is why I’m looking at maybe a new stock, AAPL in April. We’ll see.

  1. Some great names on that list Divhut. I’m looking at LEG here as their price continues to fall. I know Lanny has been buying GD too, so maybe I’ll have to take a look there as well.

    Keep pushing that dividend income forward. Keep investing in great dividend paying stocks.


    • Hi DD,

      Looks like there are no shortages of some great stocks on sale. I might add more to my GD and LEG in April too. Of course, there are many other stocks that I’d like to consider as well. Some new names like AAPL, MSFT or DIS too. We’ll see what April brings.

    • Hi MDD,

      I think everyone will look back at these days and wish they had invested more. No one knows where the bottom will be during this crisis. All I plan on doing is dollar cost averaging my positions and reinvest all my dividends.

  2. These are indeed tough times but you’ve got a great mindset. This short-term volatility might last for awhile but as dividend investors, we’re long-term optimists!

    • Hi BK,

      Exactly. You have to be an optimist and know that the future will be better if you are a long term dividend investor. Near and mid term will always be choppy but if you dollar cost average into positions, reinvest and don’t panic sell then long term your odds are pretty good for success.

  3. I love the picks.
    I’m hanging tight for a few weeks to collect some fat dividends and let the market try to find it’s bottom. I’m willing to wait a bit. If it all rebounds, oh well.. If it keeps dropping, dividend rates will be huge. I want to have lots of cash to spend at that time.
    With all the social distancing and self quarantines to lower the spike of cases and stretch it out further, I am willing to wait until we hit an inflection point when the rate of infections go from an exponential level growth to a logistic curve pattern. In other words, let the cases not grow so fast for a week or two. That’s when we will have turned a corner. That’s when I will see which stocks look nice. Let’s see what EAT and DAL is at at that point.
    Keep safe and keep up the great blog.

    • Hi CDB,

      No harm in waiting. You must do what you feel is comfortable. I plan on making my monthly buys. I did my March and now look forward to deploying some cash in April. I have no idea when the bottom will be reached nor do I care since it is impossible to know. What I do know is that I can continue to dollar cost average into my positions and reinvest my dividends as they roll in. Hopefully, the inevitable dividend cuts/suspensions won’t be too bad going forward.

    • Hi Scott,

      I still think the market has more to fall but that won’t stop me from making an April buy or two. What else can you do? It’s always been about dollar cost averaging and reinvesting.


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