Smart Financial Investments For 2016 And Beyond

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In 2016, it’s not going to be enough to just save your money. You need to think about the type of investments that you should be making. We’ve been speaking to financial experts and examining all of the facts on that front. With that in mind we think we’ve gathered some of the best financial investments that you could make this year and in the years to come.

Facebook And Social Networks

Should you be investing in old dogs like Facebook or the new kids on the block? You might think that the answer is the latter. But Facebook isn’t out for the count just yet. In fact, if recent FB stock predictions are to be believed, than people holding FB stock might be in for a real treat. That’s thanks largely due to the huge Chinese investment that could invest billions into the company. In short, if you already have stocks in FB it might be about to go through the roof. If not, it could be time to invest.

But it’s not just Facebook that you need to consider. You need to look at what the next big thing could be in the form of penny stocks. Believe it or not, Facebook started off as small as any other company. We promise you the next big social network is going to follow the same story. To understand what the next social network will be you need to consider the next logical step, looking out for it on the market. The next step is instant profiles. We’re talking about being able to hold your phone up to someone and instantly see their profile. That tech is on its way and the company that creates it will be worth a fortune. But not at first. That’s why penny stocks are worth looking into right now.

Water And Future Shortages

Twenty years ago people were starting to panic about oil running out. The dirty secret is that while it’s being kept quiet, this has already started. Despite the fact that there are still untapped reserves, experts are struggling to find new sources of oil. Once the last reserves run out we will be living on fumes. In the North Sea, this could be early as 2050. Therefore, it’s not the best idea to invest in oil at this time.

Instead, you should be investing in water. Water hasn’t reached breaking point but it soon will. By soon, we mean before you retire. Before this generation retires countries all over the world will experience water shortages. It’s just a matter of time, and the price of water is going to rise to an incredible amount. This isn’t our prediction. That’s what experts believe, and it’s why you should be investing in water stocks right now.

Is Gold Still Number One?

Finally, it’s still advisable to keep investing in gold. As it stands, gold is still the only true currency. It’s the best way to keep your finances safe. Though arguably, not the most practical. If you’re interested investing in gold, you need to speak to a specialist.

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    • Hi SMT,

      As many of us talk about the population getting older as a good theme to invest in health long term, so to water shortages and rights will be an increasingly important long term theme with our growing population and fewer sources of fresh water. I wrote a post a while back you might want to check out titled, “Dividend Stocks To Quench Your Thirst,” where I highlight several dividend paying stocks related to water. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.


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