How To Become A Graduate Teacher: The Essential Guide

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If you’re a graduate wanting to become a teacher, then you’ll undoubtedly have a large number of questions to ask regarding career path, salary, job expectations, job satisfaction, and above all else, how, where, and when to undertake the qualifications needed to become a teacher. Routes into teaching can be varied, so ensure that you’ve weighed up your options before embarking on one particular career path, and ask questions every step of the way.

If you’re concerned about the cost of further education, then bear in mind that some institutions offer scholarship programs and financial grants. These do tend to be extremely competitive, so be ready to showcase excellent qualifications, quality experience, skills, and awards when it comes to completing an application.

Learn At Your Own Pace

Just one benefit of studying at DESE – Approved M.Ed. Online is that you’re in charge of setting a learning pace that suits you. You can earn your M.Ed. and Initial Licence, your Master’s Plus, and more through online competency-based programs. You also receive as little or as much support as you feel you need and can choose from four different concentrations: M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction, M.Ed. in Elementary Education, M.Ed. in English as a Second Language, and M.Ed. in Moderate Disabilities. You can also choose from two add-on licenses in Moderate Disabilities, and English as a Second Language.

Required Skillset

Teachers, and specifically good teachers, need to be equipped with the ability to inspire and foster mental and educational growth in their students. They also are required to:

  • Create a classroom environment that meets every pupil’s needs.
  • Recognize when individuals may need extra help and support.
  • Execute stimulating and interesting lessons.
  • Evaluate student performance and assess their academic potential.
  • Maintain classroom safety and effective discipline with the welfare of both staff and pupils in mind.

Speak To Graduates

Get in touch with individuals who followed the same path you’re thinking about taking, and find out their thoughts. Better yet, talk to those who completed the program you’re looking at, and listen to their experience. Speak to graduates who then completed placements and ask them if they have any words of wisdom and tips and tricks for you to follow. Consult those who know exactly how it feels to be in the position you’re currently in, as this way you can relate and see what’s possible by becoming a graduate teacher. If you’re debating online study, then make sure you take on the guidance of someone who has done it; vice versa if you’re thinking of going to a traditional university.

Necessary Work Experience

To get to grips with what’s expected of you and exactly what the job entails, you must perform a period of hands-on experience in which you spend time working in a school alongside qualified teachers, and students. Be sure to ask the teachers you work with what they think of their job, what a typical day consists of, and for any advice for your future in teaching. Contact local schools, and find out if you’d be able to volunteer as a classroom assistant, or to spend some time shadowing a teacher at work.

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    • Hi DD,

      Teaching is a career not suited for everyone. You definitely need to have a certain level of patience and know you are entering a thankless field. That being said, it can still be an extremely rewarding career and experience.


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