DLC: How We Work

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As one of the leading firms of accounting consultant in Los Angeles, DLC offers financial guidance and support for many Fortune 1000 companies. Through financial accounting and reporting, process documentation and redesign, and project management, the team at DLC has played a critical role in the success of its clients.


The team at DLC is comprised of experts and industry leaders. With MBAs from the top business programs and CPAs with Big 4 experience, the talent that is available to clients is unparalleled. The talent acquisition team at DLC are some of the top finance headhunters in Los Angeles, and throughout the country. Bringing in talent that will contribute to the expertise and skillset of DLC is the top priority. Every client deserves a top-notch support system when it comes to the finance and accounting needs of their business, and clients will not be disappointed with the talent found at DLC.

Strategic Planning

Working with consultants can be a challenge for many companies. It is one thing to have the expertise and skillset, but another to be able to envision the project from start to finish and devise a strategy for execution. DLC prides itself on getting to know the companies they work with from the inside out. Fully comprehending the industry landscape and the challenges and needs of each client is a critical component of the DLC approach. Expertise paired with a strategic plan is a winning combination for clients in all industries.


The consultants at DLC are more than finance headhunters in Los Angeles, and will provide more than a presentation of recommendations. What really makes DLC stand apart from competitors is the execution. DLC will work with each client to identify the needs and develop actionable steps to meet those needs. Once an approach has been identified, the real work begins and DLC is committed to being there every step of the way.

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      Glad to introduce you to another financial guidance firm in the L.A. area. I’m sure there are plenty to choose from in the D.C. area as well. Thanks for commenting.


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