Dividend Income Update October 2017

We all know what it’s like to come off our September highs of dividend income and report on less than spectacular numbers for October. It’s all part of dividend investing as we covet those end of quarter months the most and are often less enthusiastic about the first month of every quarter. As long as we can report progress each month and our annual goals are intact, who cares. With that being said, let’s take a look back at my October 2017 dividend income.


Dividend income from my taxable account totaled $381.08 up from $296.19 an increase of 28.7% from October of last year.


Dividend income from my ROTH account totaled $133.40 down from $137.69 an decrease of -3.1% from this time last year.


Dividend income from my IRA account totaled $1.95 up from $0.00 last October.


Grand total for the month of October: $516.43 an increase of 19.0% from October 2016.


Brokerage Account

Year to date dividends: $3,871.24

Total: $381.08

ROTH Account

Year to date dividends: $1,548.75

Total: $133.40

IRA Account

Year to date dividends: $494.91

Total: $1.95


So there you have it. No complaints from me about a nice double digit year over year gain. It just goes to show that with consistent investing, diversification, reinvesting, adding fresh capital and not getting shaken out of the market because of scary financial headlines, it is possible to create and grow an ever increasing passive income stream which is at core to dividend growth investing.


Are any of these dividend stocks in your portfolio too? Are you still buying regularly or have you slowed down or stopped your new purchases? How was your October dividend income? Please let me know below.


Disclosure: Long all above

46 thoughts on “Dividend Income Update October 2017

  1. Congrats on crossing $500 a month for October. Lots of solid companies paying you. Getting close to breaking 4k too. Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the year goes for you. Hit some new milestones.

    • Hi DD,

      Crossing $500 was a nice milestone to achieve for a “slow” month. I’m already on pace to pass my 2016 dividend total and it will be interesting to see what my grand total for 2017 will be. Geez, I can’t believe the year is almost over. Time flies… stay in the game!

    • Hi Stockles,

      The dividend machine continues to plug away during all markets and economic conditions. Just one of the benefits of the DGI route. I don’t have any formal goals for 2018. At the very least I intend to beat my 2017 totals but not sure by how much. It would be nice to be able to put up a double digit gain though. Thank you for commenting.

  2. Double digit increases are great. I have KO in my portfolio. That’s all that matters is making progress each month to where we meet our goals. Crossing 500 in any month is a great milestone hopefully I will cross it soon on the good month Dec but we will see. Great month. Keep it up
    Doug recently posted…OCT 17 DividendsMy Profile

    • Hi Doug,

      You said it. As long as you can post consistent progress you know you are moving in the right direction. For my portfolio all I want is for it to generate an ever increasing passive income stream every single year. Thank you for your comment and continued support.

  3. “We all know what it’s like to come off our September highs of dividend income and report on less than spectacular numbers for October.”

    You said it perfectly…it’s usually like a smack across the face for me. The first (and second) month of each quarter is always lower than the third month of each quarter for us.

    Have you considered identifying holdings with a quarterly distribution schedule during the first or second month of the quarter? I’ve read a few posts elsewhere exploring the idea, but I don’t think I’d enter a position solely based on the frequency of a potential distribution. It would be nice to consider to potentially “offset” the lower month distributions, but a number of variables should be assessed.

    On your questions to readers above:

    – Nearly all of our passive income via divdends are from index and very low cost actively managed funds. Our few individual holdings are less than 1% of our net worth and currently do not pay any dividends.

    – We had been contributing regularly in addition to reinvesting all distributions. However, we decided to slow down retirement / tax-advantaged contributions to start accelerating growth / distributions in our non-retirement / taxable accounts.


    – Overall, just staying the course: slow n’ steady gettin’ dividend heavy.

    Thanks again for the post.

    • Hi BDM,

      Every dividend investor really covets those end of quarter months the most and it can be like a “smack across the face” coming from such highs to lows but in the end as long as you can show year over year growth and an annual year over year gain you are golden. That’s really what long term dividend growth investing is all about… showing consistent, reliable and predictable passive income gains. To answer your question, I never buy any stock based on its dividend distribution schedule. To me that is the least important metric one should consider when buying a stock. If most of my payments come at the end of quarters then so be it. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

    • Hi MDD,

      Thank you for those kind words and continued support. Passive income earned in an off month is just as nice as any other month. After all, it’s money coming your way that you did not have to work for, right? Keep up the good work on your end too!

    • Hi dividendgeek,

      Every one of these passive income reports are inspiring to me. To see how we collectively have created serious cash flows for ourselves is something we should be happy about. Let’s finish 2017 on strong footing.

    • Hi CD,

      I’m around $6K for the year and with two months left in 2017 I know I’ll blow by my 2016 totals which is nice. As long as I can post year over year annual gains I’m happy. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

    • Hi AB,

      Like you, these are my favorite posts to write and read. These updates can give anyone the motivation to start on their own DGI journey. I’m looking forward to seeing what my 2017 totals will be. I can’t believe how fast the year has gone by but that seems to be the norm these days. As always, I appreciate your comment.

  4. It won’t be long until you are getting 500.00 on your off months. Adding fresh capital and reinvesting those dividends. Great job

    • Hi Wayne,

      I believe in the trifecta of dividend investing. 1) Adding fresh capital, 2) Reinvest all dividends automatically and 3) Buy companies that are known to raise dividends annually. Of course, one other element is required… consistency. As you know, I buy at least one stock every single month no matter where the market is. It’s all about growing that passive income stream slow and steady. Thank you for commenting.

    • Hi DG,

      You said it. I look forward to a strong 2017 finish. I’m on pace to beat my 2016 totals the only question is by how much. Thank you for your comment and continued support.

    • Hi MR,

      I guess we can’t all own the exact same stocks. I’m sure we’ll have some common names though. As you can imagine I was quite pleased with my October results. Sometimes it’s a bit of a letdown after coming off a September high but in all how can I complain about earning over $500 passively. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  5. DivHut,
    PM and KO are a couple of my favorite stocks that paid you last month. ITW is one that got away for me. I considered buying over the years, never did and regret it. I have slowed my purchases. I delayed my monthly purchase for October. I’m still pondering it. AT&T was on my short list. It hit a fresh 52 week low yesterday. Great job on all the income. Tom
    Tom @ Dividends Diversify recently posted…Please Pass the Salt (Part 2)My Profile

    • Hi DD,

      I still think ITW can make a great long term hold. No doubt it has run up a lot in recent years but is it a dividend stalwart that seems to be navigating the digital encroachment pretty well so far. T is the name of the day for sure. I have read many other bloggers buying or considering buying that stock. I still don’t hold either T or VZ but know it’s quite popular among our DGI peers. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    • Hi JC,

      I was quite happy with my October results. Whenever I see a solid double digit year over year gains being made I know my portfolio is headed in the right direction. DEO has been with me almost since the beginning of my DGI days. I also used to own BUD before it was “taken” from me after the InBev buyout. It was a great vice stock to hold. It’s been a while since I added to my DEO and with their awesome brand portfolio it seems DEO is here to stay. As always, I appreciate your comment.

    • Hi SD,

      Thank you for those kind words and encouragement. I was quite pleased with my October results. Cracking $500 for a “quiet” month is always a nice milestone to achieve. I’ll keep building that passive income stream share by individual share.

  6. October Dividends are usually semi decent for me, but congrats on the big increase. Im hoping to reach 7K in dividends for 2017. Imagine if I can increase dividends 1K per year until I reach FI. So by 2030, it will 30K in annual income.

    • Hi EL,

      October came in at a nice clip in terms of year over year growth. I was quite happy with the results as you can imagine. Just keep building your passive income stream slowly and consistently and it can be possible to keep growing your passive income by $1K a year till your FI. That’s a nice goal to set up for yourself. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  7. Hut –

    Always looking forward to your summary. Crossing $500 in October is a milestone by itself, but not to mention your 19% growth, all of those investments are “paying” off, haha. Your investments are strongly unique, in that, Coke provides a solid payment to you, as well as others; but the yield isn’t high like PM or other companies out there. Shows that you’re in it for a long push, and I dig it!


    • Hi DD,

      You know it. I’m in this game for the long haul for sure. Slow and steady with consistent buying has been my mantra all along and the proof of all that work can be seen with these monthly passive income updates. Without rushing time to go by too fast, I am excited to see how I’ll finish 2017 and look forward to continuing this journey into the next year. As always, I appreciate your comment.

    • Hi Passivecanadianincome,

      I appreciate those words of support. October has been a great month for passive income. As you can imagine I was quite pleased with the results and look forward to a strong 2017 finish. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

    • Hi DI,

      Posting a double digit year over year gain in any month is a good sign your dividend portfolio is doing the right thing. As you can imagine, I was quite happy to see $500+ come in for a “slow” month. Thank you for commenting.

    • Hi DP,

      Coming off a September high, October still proved to be quite solid in terms of dividends received. Indeed, posting a double digit year over year gain proves my passive income stream is headed in the right direction. Thank you for commenting.

    • Hi timeinthemarket,

      Thanks for your continued support. I was quite pleased with my October results. Seeing double digit year over year gains will always put a smile on my face.

    • Hi DIS,

      As you probably know by now, I like to make monthly buys no matter where we are in economic cycles. By staying consistent with my buys I am able to slowly build up an ever increasing passive income stream which is my primary goal. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

    • Hi P2F,

      Thanks for those kind words. The proof of this investing method is in these monthly results. It’s hard to argue that dividend investing doesn’t work over the long haul when you can consistently show year over year gains. As always, I appreciate your comment.

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