U.S. Money Reserve Receives Two AdSphere Awards

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U.S. Money Reserve received recognition for winning the coveted 2018 AdSphere Awards in two “best of” categories. AdSphere monitors commercials on over 120 TV networks. The digital media that receives the most immediate responses from viewers is considered the best in the market because it is typically the most profitable. While AdSphere has only been in business for approximately six years, it provides one of the most unique services for the new direct-response television advertising industry.

Awards for Excellence in Marketing and Advertising

This is the second year in a row that U.S. Money Reserve has won the awards for infomercials and short form products. As a result, the company must have a wonderful advertising and marketing team. DRMetrix gave the award to U.S. Money Reserve for its excellent direct-response television infomercials. This precious metal company consistently creates advertising that reflects its brand of products, leading to higher responses from customers. The goal of infomercials on television is having viewers respond as quickly as possible to buy the products that were just advertised.

The competition for the awards from AdSphere is fierce in numerous different categories. There are several classifications of categories that are analyzed by AdSphere, including:

• 28.5-minute infomercials

• Brand/direct

• Lead generation

• Short-form products

In the awards program for AdSphere, nearly 70 companies or individuals were honored in 2018.

Why U.S. Money Reserve?

U.S. Money Reserve has thousands of customers who rely on the company’s products. Based in Austin, Texas, this precious metals company was established in 2001. U.S. Money Reserve wants to maintain a long-term customer base by providing excellent service to its clientèle. Most of its products are U.S. government-issued platinum, gold, and silver coins that are sold through infomercials and direct-mail advertising.

U.S. Money Reserve is a private distributor of precious metals that are made by several mints. While selling gold, silver and platinum coins that are created by mints in the United States is this company’s main focus, it also offers precious coins from other countries. In addition to having infomercials that win awards, this company sends flyers and other paper advertising through the mail. This type of advertising is also inserted into daily and weekly newspapers throughout the United States and in other countries. Customers can also listen to radio commercials that advertise the precious metal company’s products. However, some of this company’s clients prefer to visit its online store to look at photographs of products before making an order.

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