How To Keep Your Employees Motivated

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You need to engage your workforce from the start – from the very moment, you employ them to work for you. Consider your staff an investment, and work to increase their skills and technical ability. You need to provide tools for success and offer the chance to get involved with workshops, groups, and seminars. Make training and learning accessible and provide workplace flexibility when it’s required. Your team will feel far more motivated if they’re aware of how you value them and how instrumental they are in helping your company continue to be successful. Make a point of highlighting achievement and hard work, and offer rewards and incentives for those that continue to impress you.

Let Them Know They’re Valued

If your employees feel appreciated, then they’ll be far more willing to go the extra mile to see you and your business succeed. Encourage your staff to succeed and publicly congratulate them when they’ve gone above and beyond, and excelled. Stay on top of your staff payroll documentation and encourage them to use printable pay stubs to keep track of salary information, taxes paid, and overtime pay. Staff income needs to be competitive and reflect how demanding the job is – you need to ensure that your staff are paid reliably, on time, and correctly. If you’re struggling to do this, then consider using software to help you, or using the services of an expert.

Listen To Them

Consider having an office hour at least once a week, in which time any member of your team can come to see you to discuss problems and issues relating to company policy, for example. To keep your employees happy and motivated, they need to know that you value their opinion and have a genuine interest in their welfare. Consider offering a health insurance scheme to ensure that you and your staff feel safe and secure should any accidents and unforeseen circumstances occur onsite and in the workplace. Never tolerate bullying and discrimination in the workplace, and reprimand or remove the perpetrators.

Provide Up-To-Date Tools And Services

If you’re using outdated technology and appliances, then you’ll be making your employee’s work harder than it needs to be. Always be on the ball and ready to embrace new technology and devices that promise to make your company run more smoothly. Subscribe to relevant magazines, newspapers, and online articles detailing changes in the industry and upcoming releases of products and services.

Increase Workplace Facilities

Workplace facilities are hugely important, and they need to be conducive to work and productivity. If you hire out an office space, then walk around it and make a note of places that need to be improved. List where needs urgent work needs to take place and where will need some attentive work in the future. If you’re unable to make huge improvements straight away, then make sure surfaces are kept clean and tidy; consider hiring a janitor to keep the place looking clean and smelling fresh. Add plants to the office to improve air quality and circulation, and provide complimentary tea and coffee in the staffroom.

4 thoughts on “How To Keep Your Employees Motivated”

  1. Good points. I’ve found weekly 1:1 meetings – short and precise – to also be valuable. If there is nothing to cover, then fine – cancel the meeting but at least have a quick check in.

    I also like your point about tools and technology. It can be mind-numbing for team members to waste time on something that could be done in a more effective and/or efficient manner.

    Another point to consider is trying to have your employees leverage the same great tools and services that you also try and offer your customers. The effects can be amazing.

    Thanks for the suggestions and for sharing the post. – Mike
    Mike at Balanced Dividends recently posted…Passive Income & Portfolio – June 2018 UpdateMy Profile

    • Hi BD,

      Whenever I hear about “meetings” from Mrs. DivHut I sometimes cringe at what she has to endure. It seems like the American business culture is obsessed with meetings and to me it appears that they are more talk sessions than actual “let’s get things done” or “let’s figure out this problem” type of affairs. I tell her, just sit back, stay quiet and daydream. Thanks for sharing some of your points about dealing with employees.

    • Hi DD,

      I can imagine getting an employee motivated about a corporate culture or vision can be challenging. I never worked in that type of environment so I have no experience to relate to. Thank you for sharing your insight.


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