Recent Stock Purchase November 2022

As you know by now I make a stock purchase every single month no matter what is going on in the world and despite the doom and gloom headlines. Perhaps I am naive or more of an optimist that we will get through these dark financial times somehow. Either way, I have been busy buying up a little stock this month and was happy to put some fresh and recycled capital to work. I know the only thing in my power is to dollar cost average into my positions buying at near all time highs while also buying during big time swoons and staying diversified to mitigate those dividend cuts we have all become familiar with. With that being said, and sticking to my November 2022 stock considerations, I continued to nibble and add to my portfolio:

11/28/2022VZVERIZON COMMUNICATN13.0514$38.31-$500.00
Transactions Total:-$500.00

Clearly, I went very small in November. First, I’m trying to build up a larger cash position for future potential buys and second, the market has really roared back over the last thirty days making some stocks on my November watch list like Starbucks Corporation (SBUX) and Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) look less appealing. Going into December it looks like I’ll continue to nibble on VZ and maybe some T as well.

What do you think about my one small buy in November? Are you still buying “like mad” or waiting on the sidelines for better buying opportunities. Please let me know below.

Disclosure: Long VZ, SBUX, MSFT, T

11 thoughts on “Recent Stock Purchase November 2022”

    • Hi MDD,

      Hard to pass up on that yield. Just like when MO was over 9% a few weeks back I added. I know VZ is not that exciting and they have their issues but it seems the better of the two giant telcos at this time.

    • Hi JC,

      I agree. The extreme lows we saw not that long ago seem far off. However, some stocks are still sporting attractive yields as their share prices have not fully rebounded.

  1. I just recently rounded out my VZ holdings to 100 shares. Kinder Morgan is next (KMI) starting from 0 shares. I buy on down days and lower lows.


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