Recent Stock Purchase January 2020

Here we go. My first purchase of 2020. I’m excited to get the ball rolling in the new year and with a few great buying opportunities out there the hardest part seems to be choosing which one or two stocks to add to my growing dividend-centric portfolio each month. We all know the names already that are yielding extra high juicy yields in the telecom, staples, health, finance and tech space as many “buy” posts I read on our fellow DGI blogs seem to be centered around the same core group of stocks. Of course, I’m no different with my own stock considerations for January as I looked in the same pool of names. With that being said and sticking to my January stock considerations:

I have added to my ROTH account 6 shares at $80.50 for a total investment of $483.00 in Royal Bank of Canada (RY). This brings my ROTH holdings of RY to 95 shares with a market value of $7,643.69.

Coming off a strong 2019 I am excited to start my 2020 journey with RY. Looking towards next month I believe my focus will turn towards the REIT sector. It’s been a while since I bought any stocks in the space and I have some cash sitting in my IRA from some recent sales I made towards the end of 2019 as I shuttled some REIT spin offs I held.

What do you think about my recent pick up? Are you looking towards Canada for any new buys? Please let me know below.

Disclosure: Long RY

16 thoughts on “Recent Stock Purchase January 2020”

    • Hi JC,

      No doubt the Canadian banks have a long and great history. Some have been paying dividends for over a century. They seem to be fairly popular among many of our DGI peers.

    • Hi Passivecanadianincome,

      I have been holding those Canadian banks for years and will continue to hold. I only wish I would be able to automatically reinvest shares. Schwab doesn’t allow for automatic investments of dividends in foreign companies. Oh well. Thanks for commenting.

    • Hi DD,

      All the banks have been rocked this year. Canadian, U.S., European, etc. A good buying opportunity? We’ll see. One thing I know is that the Canadian banks have been a lot more steady than others during times of financial instability.

  1. Congrats on the purchase DivHut. It’s going to be a while since I can purchase any new shares of stocks and so I just have to live vicariously through other dividend bloggers for the next few months. It’s going to be nice when that 95 shares of RY turns to 100 shares!

    • Hi DP,

      I know these days some of our fellow DGI players are holding extra cash instead of deploying it in this crazy market. Look forward to seeing when you will jump back in the game. For now, I plan more of the same… making at least one monthly buy and just sitting tight.

  2. Good purchase!

    Personally I don’t want banks in my portfolio, but if I would ever change my mind then I would definitely consider Canadian banks.

    Thanks for sharing your post!

    • Hi EDGI,

      Many banks are on shaky footing especially these days but the Canadian banks have been solid long term investments going back decades if not a century or more. They are much more conservative than American banks in general, especially the big five.

    • Hi DB,

      Canada offers many solid long term dividend payers and growers. You’ll see quite a few of our fellow DGI players owning some of the large Canadian banks or oil/pipeline plays among other Canadian utilities.


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