Dividend Income Update – June 2014

It’s dividend income update time. One of my favorite times of the month as I get to review my previous month of passive income received from my two dividend income portfolios. June is always a fun month for any dividend investor as many companies have June payout dates.


Brokerage Account

Year to date dividends: $1,116.11

Total: $261.26


ROTH Account

Year to date dividends: $198.11

Total: $53.37


Disclosure: Long all above

44 thoughts on “Dividend Income Update – June 2014”

    • Hi Allan,

      Thanks for the well wishing. It’s all about the small steps we take now that will result in giant leaps in the decades to come. Keep looking for good valuations and add companies slowly to your portfolio. Keep up your success too.

    • Hi PIP,

      June was a great month and I’m excited to see how the year will finish now that I have six months in the rear view mirror. Congrats on your dividend success too. It’s all about these milestones that we meet which keeps us going. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. DivHut,
    Looking at your long list of stocks made me wonder what percentage of my own paid dividends in June. Yours is 16 of 36 if I counted correctly. Mine is 24 out of 47. Looks like the end of the quarter is good to be a dividend stock investor.

    Great job, by the way. You have a few stocks that I never considered, like GWW, IR, and ITW. I am always looking for new ideas and will have to do some research. My portfolio is lacking in industrials and financials if you have any suggestions as to where to look given current market prices.

    • Hi KeithX,

      There’s no doubt that dividend investors get most excited in March, June, September and December. It seems that most companies pay out their dividends during the end of yearly quarters. The reality is it doesn’t matter what percentage of companies owned pay out in the 3rd, 6th, 9th or 12th month of the year as long as quarterly payments are made.

      I’m happy I could introduce you to some awesome dividend companies that you never considered. You might want to read Dividend Aristocrats You Never Heard Of as I discuss JCI, GWW, BMS, BCR and VFC. You also might want to look at IR and ITW as you mention. Two great industrial type stocks. IR just did a spin off of ALLE which also started paying dividends. That’s why I have those shares. In fact, I have stock in several companies as a result of a spin off: ALLE, ABBV, MDLZ and later this year we’ll have a GE spin off of SYF and KMB is in the works too.

      • Thanks for the recommended article. I am familiar with all of the companies except Bemis. Funny, being an automotive engineer, I know JCI very well but never thought about investing in them. I probably have enough invested in the industry, though, since I am still scheduled to start getting a pension in less than a year (God willing and the company doesn’t go bankrupt!).

        And I’m a shareholder of GE and KMB. I have high hopes for the spin-offs!

        • Hi KeithX,

          BMS is one of those stocks no one has heard of. Just a silent company that produces stuff we all use every single day and it has been paying rising dividends for decades too.

          I’m looking forward to the spin-offs too for GE and KMB. So far, spin-offs of quality companies seem to do really well on their own and also pay dividends.

    • Hi DD,

      For the month ED was the big boy around but not my largest holding. That honor goes to AFL. I own three utilities in all and enjoy their relative high yield albeit low dividend growth. ED is one of those great long term dividend growers that has multiple decades of increases under its belt. Definitely keep it on your watch list.

    • Hi DGJ,

      Thank you. I was excited to hit the $300 mark for the month too. It was my largest ever and at this rate it looks like I’ll exceed $2k for the year which will surpass my 2013 dividend income and that’s what it’s all about. Generating an ever increasing dividend income stream. Good luck with your goals of hitting $1500 for the year! Step by step.

    • Hi Pollie,

      Take your time adding to your portfolio as a lot of the companies in my portfolio are pretty expensive and have really high PE’s. Look for relative value in this market and don’t buy simply to buy.

    • Hi Pollie,

      Thanks. Glad you like the portfolio. It seems to be a little conservative compared to many others you see online but I’m happy with it. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Hi LAH,

      Thank you for the well wishing. 2014 is on track to beat 2013 at this rate which is exciting. That’s the goal of every dividend investor… keep those annual increases coming in and compounding. Thanks for commenting.

  2. DivHut,

    Very nice month! Gotta love the last month of every quarter. 🙂

    There are some great companies up there that I’d love to own a chunk of someday. MMM and BDX especially come to mind. So many stocks, so little capital.

    Keep up the great work. Over $300 in totally passive income is wonderful, right?

    Best regards!
    Dividend Mantra recently posted…Why Dividend Growth Investing Is Such A Robust Investment Strategy For Those Seeking Early Financial IndependenceMy Profile

    • Hi DM,

      June was a great month. My largest ever which is always exciting. I know every dividend investor loves March, June, September and December. I hope you get the chance to buy into some MMM and BDX at better valuations. There really are a lot of great companies out there but sometimes we have to throttle back as capital requirements sometimes require.

      $300 in passive income is very exciting to me and I look forward to see how 2014 will end compared to 2013 as well. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Hi R2R,

      Thank you for the wishes. Passing $1k in YTD dividends was a great milestone and I’m very happy for that. At this rate I will blow by my 2013 dividend income which is always a great feeling to continually increase an annual income stream. Thanks for your comment.

    • Hi HHWG,

      Thank you for the well wishing. I agree it’s all about the small steps that adds up. From dividend trickles comes dividend streams. I remember my first dividends coming in were all in the pennies. Now it’s the dollars.

  3. Good job DH. It is nice seeing our accounts growing while sleeping. That’s the greatest thing I love with dividend investing. You do absolutely nothing a yet you get paid for it.
    I trade options to speed up my process of making money which I can then invest into dividend stocks for this samne purpose – do absolutely nothing and get paid for it.
    So I use all my contributions + options premiums to trade options during the year and at the end of each year I take a percentage and buy dividend stocks and continue trading with the rest.
    I hope with this I will be able to grow my account even faster!
    Martin recently posted…New Trade – SELL OCT14 CALLS on CLFMy Profile

    • Hi Martin,

      You hit it on the head with your comment of growing our accounts while sleeping. That’s what I love about dividend investing too. Life goes on, summer, winter, birthdays, new years, etc. etc. and all the while you have a vehicle that is growing an income stream for you.

      I enjoy your posts about your frequent option trades and realize the potential it has to increase your dividend investing returns with the premiums you receive. I still am considering writing puts to get into positions. Thanks for commenting.

    • Hi AG,

      Step by step, right. When I read “It’s raining dividends,” you made me think of that song “It’s raining men.” Good stuff.

    • Hi DD,

      I first started with a regular taxable account and after reading article after article about the benefits of tax friendly investment accounts I opened up the ROTH. When deciding what to put in the ROTH I simply went with what I knew and what worked which was many of the dividend growth companies I had in my taxable account. So my ROTH has about 1/3 of the stocks I own in my taxable account too. That’s not to say I won’t ever add new positions to my ROTH but for now I have overlapping stocks in two different accounts. Thanks for your question.

    • Hi Jake,

      As of yet, I have no plans to track dividends as a percent of expenses. My “near” term goal is to have rent fully covered by dividends and as of today I have two months covered by dividends. Still a long way to go but the way I see it after reaching that one goal I won’t have to worry about having a roof over my head. And to answer your question about my love of travel… I just returned from Japan and dividends covered about half of the trip expense. So, while I don’t spend much on anything material, like clothes, cars, etc. I do take time to travel as you have seen my list of countries visited on my About page. Thanks for your comment.

    • Hi J,

      Thanks for your well wishing. Step by step we are all making dividend strides and hopefully increasing our year over year income. There is no question that this method of investing will push the limits of patience but in the end I think the reward will be well worth the wait.

    • Hi AFFJ,

      Thanks for your good wishes. I was pretty excited to see I broke the $300 barrier and over $1k in dividends for the year. My goal is to have enough in dividends to cover rent so I’ll always have a roof over my head. Of course, the goal is to have everything covered by dividends but I take things one step at a time. For now I have two months of rent covered 🙂 . Thanks for commenting.

  4. In Europe the companies often only pay dividends once per year (around May) and therefore we have almost no monthly increases and it is only year based. So…

    Would your dividend approach have been the same in Europe?

    Would you pick stocks according to the same formula?

    Because if one of your companies drop their dividends in the US then you sell and maybe lost a quarter. In EU if you have trouble then you lost an entire year worth of dividends so should the strategy be different?
    Fredrik von Oberhausen recently posted…Owning your own timeMy Profile

    • Hi Fredrik,

      To answer you question in one phrase, “No, I wouldn’t change the way I pick dividend stocks.” My basic formula is to identify companies that have a very long track record of paying dividends and specifically rising dividends. Whether they are paid every three months or every twelve makes no difference to me. In fact, I know many dividend investors have a rule to sell stocks that don’t increase or decrease dividend payments. For me, as long as the company is sound and the business remains viable I will not sell. For example, GE, WFC and IR were all stocks that lowered their dividends back in 2009 to preserve cash. I did not sell any of those. In fact, I added more over the years to those positions. So, in a nutshell, my strategy would not be different. Thanks for your question.

    • Hi DL,

      Thanks for the good wishes. As dividend investors we want every month to be huge but the reality is we all get extra excited in March, June, September and December. Keep on adding those dividends!

  5. That is some solid dividend income! I hope it continues to grow for you! Are you looking more towards higher yielding stocks current or just as long as they are solid stocks?


    • Hi Kipp,

      Thank you for the well wishing. This income took many years to build as I started exclusively in dividend investing back in 2007. From my portfolio you can see that I am not really focused on high yield stocks rather I prefer solid dividend growers instead.


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