Dividend Income Update August 2020

The start of every month is exciting for all dividend income investors as we look back at the previous month and see how much passive dividend income our portfolios generated. There’s just something special about passive income. Knowing that an income is hitting your account without having to do any active work to earn it.

August was a little underwhelming for me as my income dropped a bit but this was due to sales made last year. Still, my year over year annual numbers continue to highlight the trifecta magic of dividend investing which includes, adding fresh capital, dividend raises and basic compounding to create an ever increasing passive income stream. Even if I stopped adding fresh capital today and every dividend stock I owned kept all distributions flat, without a single raise, my passive income stream would continue to grow. With that being said, let’s take a look back at my August 2020 dividend income.

Dividend income from my taxable account totaled $659.66 down from $702.57 a decrease of -6.1% from August of last year.

Dividend income from my ROTH account totaled $273.78 up from $240.86 an increase of 13.7% from this time last year.

Dividend income from my IRA account totaled $124.77 down from $184.66 from this time last year, a decrease of -32.4%.

Grand total for the month of August: $1,058.21 an decrease of -6.2% from August 2019.

Brokerage Account

Year to date dividends: $8,015.41

08/03/2020TA T & T INC$50.53
08/03/2020GISGENERAL MILLS INC$119.56
08/10/2020APDAIR PROD & CHEMICALS$55.26
08/13/2020AAPLAPPLE INC$7.08
08/14/2020ABBVABBVIE INC$242.58
08/14/2020CLXCLOROX CO$18.97
08/17/2020HRLHORMEL FOODS CORP$20.09
08/17/2020PGPROCTER & GAMBLE$22.29
08/20/2020CATCATERPILLAR INC$77.94

ROTH Account

Year to date dividends: $2,051.04

08/03/2020GISGENERAL MILLS INC$28.16
08/13/2020AAPLAPPLE INC$5.75
08/14/2020ABBVABBVIE INC$76.50
08/17/2020PGPROCTER & GAMBLE$8.76
08/20/2020CATCATERPILLAR INC$67.55
08/24/2020RYROYAL BANK OF CANADA$77.57

IRA Account

Year to date dividends: $663.32


While I am very happy to bring in a four digit total for the month of August it was a little sad to see a year over year decrese but this is easily explained as I have sold off several of my spin offs that pay in August. Those stocks were included in my brokerage and IRA account. Names like Sabra Healthcare REIT (SBRA), Versum Materials (VSM) and Wabtec (WAB) have all been shuttled and can account for my year over year decrease.

So there you have it. August in the books! With patience and consistency these results and better can be achieved. Just remember, sometimes investing with blinders on can be beneficial as it blocks out the constant noise we are bombarded with on a daily basis and keeps you focused on the job at hand which is to keep investing, not falling for market timing traps, diversifying, not getting shaken out of the market when it tumbles and just creating a solid, ever growing (sometimes) passive income stream.

Are any of these dividend stocks in your portfolio too? How was your August dividend income? Please let me know below.

Disclosure: Long all above

14 thoughts on “Dividend Income Update August 2020”

    • Hi Passivecanadianincome,

      Exactly. $1K in monthly passive income is always a treat even if it’s a little less than last year. I remember a time when $1K was a far off dream and now it comes frequently. Just stick to your long term investment strategy and ignore the short term turmoil.

    • Hi DD,

      Yup, happy with four digits even though it was a little less year over year. I’m still looking at cleaning up my portfolio a bit more going forward. All those spin offs over the years can make a simple portfolio look cluttered.

    • Hi LOI,

      Always appreciate your comment and support. No complaints from me. As long as my annual totals grow I’m happy. I can’t sweat the month to month ups and downs.

  1. Well done DH. $1058 in one month is tremendous. Appreciate your transparency in showing the ups and downs of dividend income but the overall long-term trend in your passive income is up and to the right. Keep grinding.


    • Hi FD,

      This is why we all blog. To show our winners and losers, our ups and downs. It isn’t all rainbows and lollipops in dividend land. Believe me, 2020 has seen a nice portfolio swoon along with several deep dividend cuts. This is why we diversify and keep playing the long game. Thank you for commenting.

    • Hi CDB,

      Over time we all tend to hold many similar names in our collective dividend portfolios. We are like minded income investors. As always I appreciate your comment.

    • Hi IK,

      ABBV has been with me for along time. It originally came into my portfolio via ABT spin off and I have held and added more over time. No reason to stop holding this dividend machine. Thanks for commenting.


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