Budget Road Trip across the UK: Things to Prepare

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Going on a road trip is one of the best, most affordable ways of spending an extended holiday. You have the freedom to make as many stops as you like and stretch the holiday longer without actually stretching your budget. One of the best destinations for a road trip is the UK, especially with its gorgeous B-roads, stunning landscape, and amazing places to visit.

To have a successful UK road trip on a budget, there are a few important preparations to make. We’re going to review the things to prepare for your next road trip right here in this article.

Get Your Documents in Order

There are a number of documents to prepare for the road trip to be successful. If you’re visiting the UK, you need to make sure that your visa and travel documents are in order. You also need to have a valid driving licence to be able to drive throughout the trip.
For those already living in the UK, a full driving licence is a must. Fortunately, the new DVLA driving test is easy to complete. You can find more information on TopTests about how to get a full driving licence, as well as mock driving theory tests to try online.

Rent a Car

Renting a car is something you can now do online before actually getting to the starting point of the road trip. Before you book a rental car, however, there are a number of things to check first.

Make sure you can return the car at the destination point of the road trip. This will save you a lot of time and should allow you to fly home instead of having to drive all the way back. Not only will it make the trip more enjoyable, it will also help you save on various costs.

Be extra certain about the kind of car you want. Many car hire companies now let you select a specific car when making online reservations. Choose a car that’s powerful enough for the route you’ll take, but economical enough for your budget.

Pack Extra Food

It is easy to find good restaurants that serve affordable meals across the UK, but it is still a good idea to prepare your own food some of the time. You can buy groceries at nearby towns and use a portable stove and other appliances to cook during the road trip.
Meals will be among the major costs to consider when planning a road trip, so having the ability to cook will save you a lot of money. After all, most Airbnb accommodations and hostels also have a kitchen that you can use.

Of course, you also need to bring snacks and bottled water. These are also items you can buy at towns and other places. Just make sure you don’t buy them while visiting tourist attractions since prices tend to be higher at these places.

There are still a number of other things to prepare for a road trip in the UK, but we’re going to save them for another article.

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