Recent Stock Purchase November 2018

Volatility behind us? Not a chance. Looks like November is picking up right where October left off. Of course, being a dividend growth investor means we have an opportunity to take advantage of all this volatility and pick up some traditional, solid paying dividend payers on sale. These days there’s no shortage of names to choose from as sagging stock prices are pushing up yields towards historical highs. Sticking to the short list from my November 2018 stock considerations:


I have added to my taxable account 34 shares at $30.02 for a total investment of $1,020.68 in AT&T Inc. (T). With this recent purchase my taxable account holdings in T now totals 63 shares with a market value of $1,907.64.


With T yielding well over 6% these days it was tough to pass up at current levels. I don’t expect T to be a huge winner in terms of capital appreciation, rather a steady producer of passive income at a generous and still safe yield despite its very high debt load. Within my taxable account T is just 0.86% of my portfolio and I’m comfortable bumping that allocation further should we see a significant price decline from here.


With half of November already in the rear view mirror I still might make one other purchase. It seems like other stocks I was considering for the month (ABBV and ITW) have run up a bit the last couple of weeks but a new stock popped on my radar that I might consider before the month is over, Altria Group, Inc. (MO). We’ll see.


What do you think about my November buy? Are any of the stocks mentioned here on your November buy list? Please let me know below.


Disclosure: Long T, ABBV, ITW, MO

32 thoughts on “Recent Stock Purchase November 2018

    • Hi Passivecanadianincome,

      Indeed, it looks like it’s T and MO making it to the forefront of high yielding dividend payers. As long as both sport these historically high yields and remain small portions of my portfolio I’ll consider buying.

    • Hi MR,

      As long as T remains around $30 or below I’ll be considering it for a buy. Build up those cash reserves and I’m sure you’ll get the chance to buy T at discounted prices. DGI is a long game over decades.

    • Hi Martin,

      Nice to have you on board the T train. Seems like many in the DGI space have turned to that stock as yields have become too high to ignore. Nice AAPL pick ups. That’s a company going on sale these days.

    • Hi Tawcan,

      Time will tell if T can sustain that high yield over the long haul, though traditionally T has always been a high yield, low growth stock. I don’t expect a yield well over 6% forever but I’ll gladly take this initial boost to my passive income for now.

    • Hi MDD,

      DGI is a marathon not a sprint. Do what you need to do and never feel compelled to invest just to invest. Build up those cash reserves and I’m sure T or some other name will be waiting for you to strike. Thanks for commenting.

  1. Hut –

    I think setting a limit on how large of a position you want with T was a great idea, at 1% or below – it’s a nice spark to the yield, but also – if something were to change, it won’t materially impact your portfolio. Long live the aristocrats : )


    • Hi DD,

      Long live the aristocrats, indeed!!! I’m totally cool with growing my T a bit from here which is why I added to it and wouldn’t mind adding a bit more. I know for other DGI players T is already a large portion of their portfolios so a little hesitation might be warranted for them. As with any stock, there is no guarantee of anything. Look at GE. This is why we spread our bets.

    • Hi P2035,

      I know what you’re saying. I’d like to add more ABBV but want to be careful as it’s one of my largest holdings. That’s why I went with T as it’s still a very small piece of my pie.

  2. Nice purchase Keith! I noticed the dip in T, as I have a small amount of its price in my portfolio. It’s company with the highest yield in my portfolio.
    I went with purchasing some ITW this week (at $134). Perhaps it wasn’t the best price but I wanted to have this dividend aristocrat in my portfolio 🙂

    • Hi BI,

      I think many in the DGI space are looking at T. It’s had a tough 2018 and with juicy yields being offered it is becoming too hard to ignore. Like the ITW buy. It’s one of my longest holdings so far and I have no plans to sell it for the foreseeable future.

    • Hi DD,

      We can’t time our buys perfectly. Believe me, I bought many stocks “too early” only to average down later. As long as those dividends are coming in I’ll be a happy investor. MO is looking like a good buy these days after its recent decline. People either love or hate that stock. Thanks for commenting.

    • Hi DD,

      It seems like many in the DGI space are looking at the same juicy yields I am, which is a little comforting. T and MO are still both very much on my radar going into next month. In the meantime, I’ll sit back and collect those dividends.

    • Hi DG,

      I love ITW a lot. It’s been with me since I started down the DGI path and wouldn’t mind adding some more. There’s no shortage of good dividend payers on sale these days, that’s for sure. MO and T are still looking good to me going into December.

  3. After buying some T shares in October, it is now one of my larger holdings. A nice dividend yield of over 6%!. I agree with you, I don’t expect much growth by way of capital appreciation, but the dividends will afford other positions! All the best!

    • Hi FerdiS,

      Sometimes it’s not about growth rather sitting back and collecting a juicy yield that can compound nicely over time. T is still very much a small holding which is why I am comfortable adding to my position. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Hi Divhut
    I like AT&T, even more as it’s offering a 6 % yield (I’ve not yet pulled the trigger). Debt level is massive but the combined company AT & and Time Warner will be so amazingly huge. Collecting resp. reinvesting these generious dividends will do real magic over time and a slightly falling share price in the medium run will even strenghten the compound effect.
    MO is a business I’m having an eye on as well. Just thinking of these strong brands (Marlboro etc.) and huge holding in Anheuser Bush..
    With stock Prices coming down, there are a lot of interesting opportunities all around.
    Financial Shaper

    • Hi FS,

      No doubt there are more choices these days when it comes to picking good dividend payers. I remember not that long ago when the pickings were slim. I still like T and MO going into December and will probably make a buy in one or two of those names. I can be patient with T and collect those dividends while they figure out how to reduce that debt.

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