Recent Stock Purchase July 2017

While I remain committed to making at least one purchase every month, it’s clear that my buying frequency has slowed down a bit. It seems that I’m making my buys about every four or five weeks rather than every week or two as I have done earlier this year. This fact just illustrates my continued frustration in finding the “perfect” stock to deploy my fresh capital. My trades last month saw me expand my portfolio holdings in the health/biotech sector as I sought to further diversify my portfolio and, more importantly, my passive income stream. Now, with three weeks already gone in July I felt it was time to pull the trigger and make some buys. With that being said:


I have added to my ROTH account 7.0 shares at $54.36 for a total investment of $380.52 in General Mills, Inc. (GIS). With this recent purchase my ROTH account holdings in GIS now totals 15.0 shares with a market value of $815.25. I also hold 111.7134 shares in my taxable account with a market value of $6,071.62. This was a free trade.


I have added to my ROTH account 9.0 shares at $33.22 for a total investment of $298.98 in Hormel Foods Corporation (HRL). This is a new position in my ROTH account and was a free trade. I also hold 34.4360 shares in my taxable account with a market value of $1,144.31.


I have added to my ROTH account 9.0 shares at $33.46 for a total investment of $301.14 in Pfizer Inc. (PFE). This is a new position in my ROTH account and was a free trade. I also hold 11.0 shares in my taxable account with a market value of $368.28.


Once again, I made three smaller purchases that totaled $980.64 this month. With another week of trading left in July there may be room for another tranche of buys especially with some well known stocks selling at depressed prices offering up some pretty good current yields. Some names that come to mind are General Electric Company (GE) and W.W. Grainger, Inc. (GWW). It’s been about three months since I bought anything in my ROTH account and with many more months to go for a 2017 maximum contribution I know I’ll be able to fully fund my retirement account for the year.


What do you think about my recent stock buys? Are any of the names mentioned above on your watch list? Please let me know below.


Disclosure: Long GIS, HRL, PFE, GE, GWW

37 thoughts on “Recent Stock Purchase July 2017

  1. Great buys DH! I pulled the trigger on GIS about 2 weeks ago, it is a great company. PFE is another name I already have and am open to adding more too in the future. GE is also on my watch list, but I will wait and see.

    • Hi MDD,

      As you can see there are quite a few great dividend paying stocks that are on sale these days even with a market that continues to melt up. I’m still looking at PFE, GE, GWW, GIS and others for a possible second buy before July is over. We’ll see how the last two trading days pan out. At least I’m happy I made my July buys. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    • Hi Dutchdividend,

      GWW continues to look very weak and out of favor which only means better buying opportunities for us. I still like that name going forward and may nibble a bit before July is over. Thank you for sharing your recent pick up.

    • Hi Passivecanadianincome,

      LB has had a very difficult year thus far. No doubt it will capture the attention of some of our fellow dividend investing peers with such a high current yield. The stock definitely looks very undervalued at current prices so you may be on to something with that name. I never considered that stock for my portfolio though. Thank you for sharing your potential pick.

    • Hi FV,

      The only thing I can do as a long term dividend growth investor is try and find the best fairly valued or even undervalued companies out there. Even with a market melting up seemingly every week there are some pretty beaten down stocks that are trading at acceptable levels for making a purchase. It’s not always easy investing for the long haul 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  2. I added GWW on the 7% drop this past week as well add more HRL, TJX, KR, MKC, NNN and LOW. I want to add GE, PFE and GIS but waiting for 4% yield if it gets there. Be ready for this coming up week is going to be huge!!!!!

    • Hi CD,

      That’s awesome that you were able to pick up some GWW on a very overblown drop. I should have picked some up as I was in front of my computer actually watching the drop play out. Oh well. There will be a next time 🙂 Looks like you have been busy picking up many quality companies on sale. Like you, I’d like to see GIS with a 4% yield but I think we’ll need a major event to happen if we’re going to see a yield that high. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

    • Hi Paul,

      HRL has been trading at attractive levels for a few months and with a historically high yield around 2% it continues to look good to me. Curious to know if you picked up some GWW on its recent dip. Thank you for commenting.

    • Hi MD,

      Seems like most of us are continuing to nibble on GIS these days. I guess with a historically high yield and continued near term headwinds we are seeing a quality stock remain on sale. HRL is another great name trading at historically high yields. I know most don’t get excited about a 2% yield but HRL has demonstrated a solid commitment to rapid dividend growth for many years. Thank you for commenting.

    • Hi DD,

      Thanks for that vote of confidence with my recent buys. I’m still surprised to see so many great companies on sale in a market that is grinding ever higher. There are plenty of great dividend paying stocks for us to pick up at fair to undervalued prices. I always say, as long as the dividend remains safe I’ll gladly pick up an out of favor stock. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

    • Hi DS,

      With the market continuing to grind ever higher there are still many great buys out there with a handful of stocks deeply out of favor. Names like, GWW, GIS, HRL, SJM, GE, T and others come to mind. Many of our fellow peers have been buying a lot of the same names in recent weeks because of their fairly valued or even undervalued price. Thanks for commenting and sharing your recent pick up.

  3. DHut,

    I like GIS and HRL a lot. In general the consumer staples section is becoming more affordable. I also like GWW and GPC for that matter, as both have seen awesome reductions in price. The market has been repeating history, sending underachieving hot stocks soaring (mainly with absurd valuations), while letting quality companies wither. It feels reminiscent of the Dot Com Bubble, but here its only a handful of companies dragging the market. I hope we see improved buying conditions for us DG investors.

    – Gremlin
    Dividend Gremlin recently posted…Recent Buy, July 2017My Profile

    • Hi DG,

      Many of the well known, long time, solid dividend payers in the consumer staples space have been getting hammered. Look at SJM, GIS, and HRL to name a few. I’ll gladly buy those quality stocks “on sale” as long as their dividends remain safe and there is room for future growth which both GIS and HRL demonstrate. I was watching GWW when it tanked a few days ago but did not pull the trigger. It has since climbed back nicely but still looks undervalued to me at current prices. Maybe I’ll nibble on that name before July ends. We’ll see. As always, I appreciate your comment.

  4. I like the stock purchases Hut. GIS is a definite buy for me and I already own HRL. I was looking for a 5th stock to add to my portfolio and PFE is definitely under consideration. I’ll also consider GE and GWW, but we will see. Good luck on your last trade in July. Looking forward to knowing what you eventually chose.
    Dividend Portfolio recently posted…Great NewsMy Profile

    • Hi DP,

      You mention all good names to consider buying. Like you, GWW and GE have also popped back on my radar especially after both have had a rough July. With a couple more trading days left this month I still might add a little more PFE to my account or maybe another biotech like AMGN or GILD. We’ll see. Even with the market grinding higher there are no shortages of some pretty good buys out there. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

    • Hi DS,

      I fully agree. The best time to buy a stock is when no one else wants it and GIS is very much in oversold territory. I’ll continue to nibble on that stock as long as the dividend continues to remain safe and it sports a juicy current yield. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Great buys. I have been looking at PFE and would love to start a position as well with them soon. But also going on vacation next month so saving some cash for that. It is nice to see so much value in the market right now though.
    Dividend Daze recently posted…2017 Goal UpdateMy Profile

    • Hi DD,

      I’m still liking PFE and may add a bit more before July is over. I think it’s pretty fairly valued to undervalued at current prices. Enjoy your time off next month. I hope you’ll be able to disconnect while on vacation and leave your portfolio alone so you can truly enjoy your time off. Thank you for commenting.

    • Hi DD,

      You have been following my journey for some time and already know that I’m buying today to build my future income stream no matter where the stock market is currently trading or perceived to be headed. As long as those dividends continue to be safe and I can make fairly valued or undervalued stock buys I’ll be happy. Thank you for your comment and continued support.

  6. HRL is the only one out of the names mentioned that also made my most recent watch list. That was a pretty conservative filter though.

    I truly believe there are always under- or at least fairly valued stocks out there at any given time. I admire your discipline to continue buying no matter what. I have let far too much cash build up on the sidelines waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop.
    catfishwizard recently posted…Friday Options Expiry DiscussionMy Profile

    • Hi catfishwizard,

      Since I decided to go the DGI route almost a decade ago, I made it a point to “always be investing.” Thank you for your kind words about my approach and discipline to keep buying stocks every month no matter where we are in a market or overall economic cycle. As you stated, there are always undervalued or fairly valued stocks to buy at any given time and while many of our fellow peers have stopped buying or even sold out of their positions waiting for “the proverbial shoe to drop,” I continue to feel comfortable adding to my current holdings and slowly build up my passive income stream even as the market continues to grind higher. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  7. I recently added some more GE, making it one of my largest positions. The other stocks are not yet on my radar. I’ll have to look into them further.

    There are a few buys that I would like to do in my Roth. However, since I try to max that out by February, I have no additional capital to use. I guess I could turn off the dividend reinvestment, but the amounts are just not high enough yet to amount to that much on a monthly basis.

    Two Investing recently posted…Latest stock purchases — AT&T and KrogerMy Profile

    • Hi TI,

      GE was a serious consideration for me this month after its poor July performance but, as you can see, I went a different route with this tranche of buys. Still, I do like GE long term and with that current yield it’s looking mighty tempting. Keep building your portfolio and adding to your passive income stream. As always, I appreciate your comment.

  8. Good buys DivHut. I still can’t get myself to buy GIS, but PFE looks very attractive (am a long term owner). My only purchase in July so far was to add to my T holdings at a bit under $35.90 – a price I couldn’t resist. With good Q2 results they announced, it has climbed up a bit from my price, but that was just lucky. I believe when the FTC cloud disappears and their merger decision is done, the stock will move much higher.
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    • Hi TFR,

      I’m still comfortable nibbling on GIS here and there in the mid to low $50s. It still sports a very sustainable yield with room for growth and is definitely facing some near term headwinds which is affecting its stock price. I’m still on the lookout to add to my newer health stocks like PFE, GILD, AMGN and TEVA but would like to see prices a bit lower if I can get it. Thanks for sharing your recent pick up. I have been reading quite a few T buys in recent days/weeks so you are in good company. Thanks for commenting.

  9. Nice buys DivHut! I have a small position (5 shares) in GWW that I am looking to expand – hopefully soon.

    Never made a PFE purchase although it has been on my watchlists on and off.

    Thanks for a great post!

    Tall Investing

    • Hi TI,

      GWW was trading at a really sweet level a few days ago. I do regret not adding to my position after it fell so much. Happy to be a fellow GWW shareholder. It’s been with me for many years and I think will come back nicely in time. Sometimes the AMZN threats make for some interesting financial headlines which only seem to give us better buying opportunities. Thank you for commenting.

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