Recent Stock Sale September 2019

A short and sweet update about another sell.

Continuing my “portfolio cleanup” shuttling some stocks from my portfolio I received through spin offs or mergers I have sold in my taxable account 186.7479 shares of Sabra Health Care REIT, Inc. (SBRA). I still hold and will continue to hold, for now, 113.3845 shares of SBRA in my IRA. Like my other sells, SBRA came into my portfolio via VTR -> CCP -> SBRA. It’s amazing how much a portfolio can “grow” because of spin offs.

No doubt, some of these sells will affect my portfolio income going forward but the plan is to reinvest the cash as soon as possible. As mentioned in my first “sell post” I feel that the number of positions I acquired became too great to actively monitor not to mention some of those positions paid little or no dividends.

Disclosure: Long SBRA, VTR

6 thoughts on “Recent Stock Sale September 2019”

  1. Good to get rid of weak names and concentrate on the stronger ones. Looking forward to see how you proceed going forward.

    I wouldve ended up with SBRA too if I hadnt sold the CCP from the VTR spinoff 🙂

    Roadmap2Retire recently posted…2 Recent BuysMy Profile

    • Hi R2R,

      For now the cash sits but it will be deployed somewhere. I understand why some companies decide to spin off stocks but at the same time it seems to add additional noise to a portfolio. As you stated, I want to concentrate on the stocks I want to own for the long haul. Not some spin off I never intended to buy.

  2. Can’t say I blame you. I’m sure short term your dividends will decline but the quality of your portfolio is sure to go up. I likely would have sold my SBRA shares a while ago but I only have 5 shares so selling won’t free up any real cash to put to work and the dividends aren’t really making or breaking me if it gets cut. I still might sell just to lump it with some other cash though. Looking forward to seeing how you put that ~$4k to work.
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    • Hi JC,

      Being in the DGI for over a decade has seen my portfolio “grow” by about a dozen names I never intended to hold or own. Some I plan to keep for the foreseeable future but others just seem to add noise to my portfolio. Not sure who your broker is but with all the news of zero commissions being announced it seems like you might be able to shuttle those 5 shares of SBRA.

  3. I never realized SBRA was a spin-off of VTR. Interesting! But all that matters is that you are comfortable with the holdings in your portfolio. If you need to sacrifice short-term income to trim the fat, then so be it! You have plenty of other great dividend paying stocks in your portfolio to compensate for it!


    • Hi DD,

      Well, SBRA was not a direct spin off from VTR, rather VTR spun off CCP which was later absorbed into SBRA. In either case, it was a holding of mine that I never intended to own. Being in the DGI space for a long time you are sure to receive spin offs or mergers you never intended to hold. Now I have some cash sitting around waiting to be deployed.


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