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As you know by now I make a stock purchase every single month no matter what is going on in the world and despite the doom and gloom headlines. Perhaps I am naive or more of an optimist that we will get through these dark financial times somehow. Of course, it’s getting harder to simply invest with blinders on as more articles are being written about the demise of the U.S. dollar and clearly gold, silver and bitcoin highlight this potential fact as the dollar continues to weaken over the long haul, though is surprisingly strong currently. Honestly, who the heck knows anymore? Wall street is partying like it’s 1999 while Main street suffers with high unemployment and ever increasing consumer prices. Banks are artificially propped up… massive amounts of cash printed out of thin air, Federal Reserve bank the scourge of modern finance some have you believe, fiat money backed by nothing. What gives??? While I am a firm believer in investing in stocks for the long haul and love dividend focused investing (despite cuts) I also believe in having assets well diversified. Stocks are great, but these days I believe hard assets like gold, silver, bitcoin and real estate are just as important. Without ranting too much further I’d like to share my October 2020 stock purchases.

I have added to my taxable account 45.9168 shares at $27.00 for a total investment of $1,239.75 in AT&T Inc. (T). With this recent purchase my taxable account holdings in T now totals 243.2267 shares with a market value of $6,773.86.

I have added to my taxable account 17.7940 share at $39.33 for a total investment of $699.83 in Altria Group, Inc. (MO). With this recent purchase my taxable account holdings in MO now totals 319.2943 shares with a market value of $12,471.73. I also hold 71.037 shares in my ROTH account.

I have added to my taxable account 11.6204 shares at $60.23 for a total investment of $699.89 in Gilead Sciences, Inc. (GILD). With this recent purchase my taxable account holdings in GILD now totals 49.9805 shares with a market value of $3,046.81.

I have added to my IRA account 2 shares at $140.36 for a total investment of $280.72 in General Dynamics Corporation (GD). With this recent purchase my IRA account holdings in GD now totals 6.061 shares with a market value of $853.51. I also hold 10.0323 shares in my taxable account.

Sticking to my October stock considerations the grand total for the month of October is $2,920.19 of fresh capital put to work. Again, I have no idea about the immediate future but long term, and with a diversified portfolio, I feel I can weather our current economic storm. Of course, these days it seems that no portfolio is immune from those dreaded dividend cuts but by staying the course and continuing to invest and diversifying greatly mitigates any of the nastiness.

What new stocks or other assets have you been buying in October? Please let me know below.

Disclosure: Long T, MO, GILD. GD

11 thoughts on “Recent Stock Purchase October 2020”

  1. Hi own T and MO 🙂 Would like to buy some more but they are heavy in my portfolio already. Good price tough. Bought some local electric grid with their IPO 4% div post-tax and all other ratios are sound. As price declined will buy some more when enough money on hand 🙂
    P2035 recently posted…My first IPO – Ignitis groupMy Profile

    • Hi P2035,

      T and MO seem to be staples of many in the DGI space. I know some do not like to invest in tobacco stocks but that argument doesn’t hold water for me. I never bought into any IPO myself. Congrats on your pick up.

  2. This past year experienced 1 cut and 1 suspension of the dividend, while it was a knock back, it only took 4 months to get back to the pre-cut/suspension dividend level, and the growth has now resumed.

    • Hi FRB,

      That’s the spirit. This is why we hold dozens of dividend paying stocks to mitigate any of the potential cuts that may come along. While 2020 has been tough from a dividend perspective with all the cuts and suspensions, there have also been quite a few dividend raises too.

    • Hi DD,

      I will be the first to admit that my T and MO nibbles are a pure yield play. I know they are not stellar growers in terms of share price but it’s tough to make a case against their dividend histories.

  3. I’ve been quite tempted to add more T and MO. The yields seem way too high considering the underlying businesses. MO is priced like people are going to stop smoking tomorrow. Although both management teams have had some questionable capital allocation decisions over the last few years, which is likely part of the blame for the cheap valuations. I might just have to add a bit more of these two although I’ve been loving the DRIPs this year.
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    • Hi JC,

      For me, seeing T and MO continue to sport these crazy high yields is enough for me to continue to nibble. I know all the arguments against T and MO for the long haul but you cannot simply ignore decades of dividend history either.

    • Hi Passivecanadianincome,

      GD has been a laggard as of late. Might be a good time for others in the DGI space to pick up some shares. Honestly, with T and MO it is a pure yield play for me. Thanks for commenting.


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