Recent Stock Purchase April 2023

As you know by now I make a stock purchase every single month no matter what is going on in the world and despite the doom and gloom headlines. Perhaps I am naive or more of an optimist that we will get through these dark financial times somehow. Either way, I have been busy buying up some stock this month and was happy to put some fresh and recycled capital to work to try and recoup some of my lost dividend income courtesy of the numerous cuts bestowed upon my portfolio in recent years (thanks VFC). I know the only thing in my power is to dollar cost average into my positions buying at near all time highs while also buying during big time swoons and staying diversified to mitigate those dividend cuts we have all become familiar with. With that being said, and sticking to my April 2023 Stock Considerations, I continued to nibble and add to my portfolio.

04/24/2023TA T & T INC14.2559-$250.00
04/24/2023VZVERIZON COMMUNICATN6.7247-$250.00

This month I had to scale back my purchases a bit after the much larger cash deployment in March. As a long term dividend growth investor I think it is important to dollar cost average into positions on a regular basis no matter how much fresh capital is being deployed. In this manner you continually build up your passive income stream. What do you think about my recent buys for April? What have you been picking up? Please let me know below.

Disclosure: Long all above

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