18 thoughts on “Preparing For Retirement”

  1. Love the info-graphics. The characters all seem so happy, they must have saved for retirement or won the lotto ;-). Often neglected but shown here is the self-directed IRA. This is a very powerful tool. Years ago I converted an old 401k to a self-directed IRA, then used the money for bridge loans. It worked out perfectly until 2009 :-(.
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    • Hi IH,

      Glad you liked this graphic. Clearly, there are many ways to save for retirement. Unfortunately, most don’t take advantage of these tools for efficient investment growth. Thank you for commenting.

  2. Love the infographic! I love seeing all the types of accounts laid out.

    For me, I like the idea of having as many different types of accounts as possible – it makes me feel more diversified, and like I am less likely to run out of money in retirement.

    • Hi NGF,

      Personally, I think having just two types of accounts is sufficient for long term investing, a regular taxable account and a ROTH. This should suffice the needs of most people as well as simplify money management. I have my IRA as a legacy account that was created a long time ago. I am considering doing an IRA to ROTH conversion and simplify my investment accounts one of these years as per my accountant’s recommendation. Glad you enjoyed this graphic. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  3. I am a visual person, This is a nice snapshot.

    And it got me thinking about annuities. I don’t know much about them. And what I have heard is they’re expensive. But everything is anecdotal, I’ll probably go do some research.

    Thanks for the motivation.

    • Hi FS,

      I think many like graphic representations as it seems to highlight in simple and easy to understand terms relatively less understood concepts. I wish I had an opinion on annuities. I do not know much about them but do know that I have no interest in learning about them at this time as I am totally focused on dividend growth investing solely. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  4. This is an awesome info graphic to gather some valuable information about retirement. Personally I feel this is one of the tough and most concerned area for every earning person. The biggest problem of life after retirement is managing medical expenses and financial security. Thanks for sharing this retirement preparation guide.
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    • Hi Santanu,

      I hope this resource can at least get people to think about their retirement goals. As you mentioned, medical expenses can be the one curve ball that can throw any retirement plan out of control. The bottom line with retirement is that one must look at it from an income perspective rather than just an asset collection perspective. I always felt it was much better to own income producing assets rather than just assets. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  5. I love this graphic! Taking steps towards retirement can be kind of a blind process for a lot of people, so posts like this are always an excellent find. This is truly an excellent resource. Thank you so much for sharing this guide!

    • Hi Morgan,

      Happy to hear you found this graphic useful. I have to agree with you that preparing for retirement is very much a “blind process” as most individuals are not well versed in what options and savings methods are available through an employer or even individually. Thank you for commenting.

    • Hi LS,

      You know the saying, “Someone is sitting in the shade or a tree that was planted in the past.” There’s no time like the present to plan for retirement and one of the benefits of being a dividend growth investor is the ability to create a future ever increasing passive income stream that can be used in retirement. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.


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